View Full Version : Need help with a certain artifact *spoliers*

4th Jun 2007, 18:45
Hey guys, im in the level 'obelisk oh khamoon' and there is one more artifact left for me to collect on the level and im guessing its up on one of the ledges in the picture below which i can get up to :mad2:

http://img501.imageshack.us/img501/3692/artifact4pg3.png (http://imageshack.us)

Does anyone knopw how to get up here? (of course some people know but ive spent the last 10 minutes falling into that pit below from my attempts to get up there)

all help is appreciated :thumbsup: thanks

4th Jun 2007, 18:53
Use the grapple wall-ride. You must raise up to a certain level on the grapple rope, but I cannot remember roughly how high. Then when you get to the end where the ledge is further away in your picture, jump off the grapple at your highest run height towards that ledge and you will grab-hold the ledge. Rest is pretty simple, just watch out as the swing-pole falls a bit when you are on it. That's of course unless you activated the spinning slicers coming from the entrance direction as opposed the bottom of the room, but it looks like you didn't activate them by coming up from the bottom of the room. It is a pain when you miss as you must climb all the way up again from the checkpoint I think, but it is really a trial and error thing as to how high you climb up the grapple rope before-hand.

4th Jun 2007, 18:56
I realised now, just before you said that i was trying and i made her grapple a little shorter so she ran higher up the wall and she grabbed onto the ledge... finally