View Full Version : 2 bugs with the Steam version

4th Jun 2007, 15:33
1. In the room with 2 bridges (one low, the other high) and 2 wolves that jump out at you. The lower bridge is supposed to collapse, but this does not happen, the single rope on one side falls down, but the bridge stays whole - making the wolves jump out rather pointless.

Played the level 4 times now, same thing every time. This happens on both a first time play through and replays.

2. Same level at the very end. The large door refuses to open despite triggering both weights. The only on the left appeared to time out and reset to its top most position. The one on the right then acted as if it too were in the top most position again, yet it was still in the bottom most position and Lara could no longer interact with it. It was no longer registering as a solid object. Resulting in the level no longer being completeable. This happened on three replays of the level but not on the first play through.

5th Jun 2007, 03:40
I also have the steam version of the game, however I experience the rope bridge collapsing. The second thing you said is the same with me though. I just thought I was doing something wrong.