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4th Jun 2007, 15:21
I absolutely love the whole idea of regenerating the first Tomb Raider and I’ve been waiting for its release since I’d heard of it. The graphics are extremely good – developing from the pointed breasts Lara had – although they can be slightly cartoon-like. The ways the areas have been remade are amazing too, I love the way it’s been rethought, adding slight differences yet keeping the same simultaneously. I love watching the videos thinking how similar it is to the first game, thinking there should be an animal around the next corner etc.
However! I’ve been disappointed with the game play of Tomb Raiders ever since they game to Play Station 2, maybe the analogue sticks have been a downfall for me? She’s so much more difficult to control and I hate the fact the controls are different from the original games, they just don’t work as well.
My biggest annoyance with the latest game is how fast everything is, the inventory moves way too fast. But mainly, Lara’s movements are way too fast, she runs from side to side and the camera dashes with her, making controlling more irritating than difficult. And small things like when walking she doesn’t stop at a ledge, but walks off.
The puzzles are disappointing too. They are just too simple and obvious; being able to see the ledges Lara is obviously meant to climb up on. I’d love to see some decoys, something subtle, having to repeat something over and over, this is something I’ve felt since Tomb Raider came to PS2, the puzzles are too simple. I’ve recently finished playing Project Eden which I believe to be make by the Tomb Raider makers? And it reminds me of how Tomb Raider’s puzzles used to be like, spending days thinking what needs to be done. This is better than the last two games, but that’s because there’s been a basis for what can be done.
I don’t like the combat either, again she’s too fast, but the reticule is annoying, it makes things too obvious when it goes red, what should be shot, but also she doesn’t keep her guns out anymore. It was better when Lara ran with the guns up rather than pointing all the time.
The icon hints are amazingly irritating! There’s no point thinking when the button you’re meant to press just appears on screen. I’ve turned this off but it doesn’t appear to have worked. It feels as though Tomb Raider has been made into a child’s game rather than someone who actually wants to be challenged!
Sorry about the moan! On the plus side the music is amazing, when the Introduction was written for Angel of Darkness I couldn’t stop listening to it, it’s a beautiful piece of music. And then the music from the original games being remade just brought back all the memories! I love the way certain factors have gone back to how they were, such as the inventory layout, having the duel pistols, the medipacks, the guns, the videos. Lara’s voice is great too; I’ve always loved her sarcastic, heartless comments. Lara’s image too is superb! She looks so life like, she seems to get younger all the time! Her chest is a bit more proportional than some of the older games too!
One thing that has confused me though – the last two games have both seemed to be the first in a number of others. I read Angel of Darkness was meant to be first of a trilogy, and Legend was definitely meant to have a sequel in the search to find Lara’s mother. Maybe AOD’s success wasn’t good enough to pursue? And maybe Legend has been interrupted for this remake, which I don’t mind about!
Overall, opposed to how it seems, I am really happy to see Tomb Raider, it doesn’t gain the attention it deserves and I am happy with the game really because I can ignore the bad points whilst playing to appreciate that it’s back for another year!

4th Jun 2007, 15:37
I think your problem is with the frame rate. I take it you're used to the PS1 tomb raiders (judging by the inventory "moving too fast" etc) You'll get use to it. As for the puzzles, you'll eat your words my friend when you get to egypt.

My only problem was with the camera. Alot of times i was jumping blind, or the camera was way too close to lara without an option of me moving it for a better view. I don't know how this happened. Don't play testers notice this stuff?

4th Jun 2007, 16:29
They are just too simple and obvious; being able to see the ledges Lara is obviously meant to climb up on. I’d love to see some decoys, something subtle, having to repeat something over and over, this is something I’ve felt since Tomb Raider came to PS2

yeah, this has been my biggest gripe of the more recent tombraiders. It was part of the game that made it more difficult, spending hours trying to jump onto a ledge or platform that you were not sure was possible or not. The way graphics are drawn makes it too easy to see where you need to go next. Still love the games though

10th Jun 2007, 11:40

Just a tip...if you want Lara to run with her guns out, you can go into options and choose Advanced Toggle. Not many of people I know like it but I find it so much easier! And even with that, you don't have to have the guns out, ready for something to jump out at you anymore, because you can shoot at the target and she takes out her guns automaticaly and they'll stay out.

It takes a bit of getting used to, but it works and it works well for me! :)