View Full Version : Saving anywhere in Aniversary full version?

4th Jun 2007, 12:38

Can you save game anywhere in full version of aniversary ? or is it only at checkpoints ?-There does not seem to be a save anywhere option in the demo version.

Thanks in advance


4th Jun 2007, 12:50
Just checkpoints.

4th Jun 2007, 12:53
shame - but thanks anyway


4th Jun 2007, 12:54
If you could save anywhere it would be too damned easy.

4th Jun 2007, 13:06
There are enough checkpoints and they are positioned well.

4th Jun 2007, 13:57
But it's not like you can't save mid game, it just means you get taken back to the last checkpoint when you reload. That's better in my opinion than re-doing the whole level from the start.

I realise that some people prefer to go back to the exact spot they saved in, but really the checkpoints aren't all that far apart are they. You won't have far to go before you reach the same spot. And at least if you get a checkpoint after you've collected an artifact, you know it's been registered and so you won't have to go back for it.

4th Jun 2007, 14:09
See above, you can save your game at any time but when loading you are deposited at the last checkpoint. ;)