View Full Version : Does Von Croy only work in Angkor?

4th Jun 2007, 07:55
Hi there,

Just added a skeleton (Animating16), a lens flare (nullmesh) and Von croy to my WAD and now the level won't convert.

It's in the library WAD (was the library originally). Does Von Croy only work in Angkor? Are there too many animating objects in my WAD?

Hope someone can help.


4th Jun 2007, 08:26
Von Croy works fine. If you check out the beginning of Coyote Creek you'll see that the Von Croy slot works just as it did in the original TLR game. However, his AI gets messed up if you shoot at him which is why he's used in young Lara levels (no guns).

Might be easier to use Von Croy in the guide slot if you only require him to do simple tasks:


4th Jun 2007, 15:58
Thanks again George,

If it wasn't Von Croy, why did the Tomb Converter crash?

There are a lot of animating objects in there, Horseman etc. Shall I delete a few unnecessary ones?

In general, what can cause the Converter to crash?


4th Jun 2007, 18:42
Hi Smudge, here are all the reasons I know of for editor crashes, including converting:


If you suspect the WAD, make a back up of it and then delete loads of objects to see if that cures it. Then you'll at least know it's the WAD :D

5th Jun 2007, 09:18
Cheers once again George,

I think I may have found the culprit in the page you supplied, as it did indeed crash on that line.

"Level Converter crashes while Converting

If the Level Converter gets to Room Text Info and then crashes to desktop, your WAD is overfull and needs trimming."

Will give it a try and let you know.



5th Jun 2007, 09:36
WADs aren't as terrifying to me as they once were. Worst case scenario I can rebuild a WAD from scratch now in around 2 hours. But if you keep backups of WAD files at various stages of development you can usually go back to one of them if things go seriously wrong :) Any screenshots to show us yet? :D