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4th Jun 2007, 03:39
The voice actor for Lara did a fantasic job didn't she. How about the part where she meets up with Kold and Kid and says "unless you want to end up like ----, get out of my way"
The way she said it was awesome.

Georgie :-)
4th Jun 2007, 12:07
Indeed it was truly awesome :D

4th Jun 2007, 18:58
i loved that part!
its like she hasnt got over Larson's death yet and she just wants to get the scion back and forget this ever happened.
Keeley hawes did an excellent job at voicing lara.

Edit: you might want to put *spoiler* in your thread title :)

Notts Raider
4th Jun 2007, 20:37
"Talk about being your own worst enemy", made me howl with laughter, just after bacon Lara was taken care of. Keeley did a bang on job with the acting :D

4th Jun 2007, 20:46
I love lara's voice in anniversary.
I have always thought she talks quite posh though but that still goes pretty well with her i mean with her being lazy would not be good at all.
If she was lazy this would probally happen.
zip. "lara you need to get over that boulder"
Lara. "wicked , i'll do it right away mate"

Heck no!:lol: