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4th Jun 2007, 02:43
ok ... on the tombraider anniversary main website, it has a screensaver in the downlaod section, how do i make it on my laptop to where it will be in the screensaver section on my display settings!I downloaded it but it wont show in the screensaver section.......does anybody have any ideas or know what to do?

4th Jun 2007, 03:22
LOL, I was just about to come on and ask for help with that, as I am in the same boat. It gives instructions how to go about installing it, I followed the directions for both sets, but when I go to my Display options, it doesn't show up as a screensaver option from the pull-down menu under that tab.

Any help here would be hot...

Please and thank you.


4th Jun 2007, 03:25
i was actually thinking about getting it, but thought screensavers are useless energy users. my monitors are set to go off automatically after 1 min.
But try this:

4th Jun 2007, 03:25
"Screensaver" is something of a misnomer. It's not an actual Windows Screensaver module that it installs to your computer. Rather, it's a flash animation of the Scion that you simply execute and leave running in a maximized window on your PC until you return and deactivate it.

After you install it, check your Start menu for:

Start->Programs->TR Anniversary->TR Anniversary

Run that and you should see the animation start up once it loads. :)


4th Jun 2007, 06:14
And that's basically why I didn't use it, it plays in a window and not full screen. Such a shame really.

4th Jun 2007, 17:51
There are instructions on the site to go about getting it as an actual choice in the drop-down menu in the screensavers tab of the display window, though. I just don't understand why I cannot get it to work.


4th Jun 2007, 18:28
I think the instructions are not detailed enough. You obviously need to do more than what it says.