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3rd Jun 2007, 15:53
First, I have to say to anyone stuck on Tomb Raider: Anniversary, you HAVE to get the Official Prima Strategy Guide; it is invaluable. I don't know about anyone else, but when I played the first TR I'd spend hours - no, days - trying to figure out what to do. I play games to have fun, not get vexed and stressed! Anyhow, I'm playing the PS2 version (is that allowed in here? :P) and I think I found a glitch in the Croft Manor level:

I had 8 out of 8 artefacts, all I needed now was to get the Decorative Bow to place in the monument at the centre of the maze to get the Music Box. (The Arrow is behind the fireplace; you need a bucket of water to put it out first). The statue with the Bow is in that big room with scaffolding and statues; you must shoot all 3 ropes to set it loose and bring it down: the statue crashes through the floor into the empty (or full) pool below. The problem is, if you use the wrench (obtained in the gym) FIRST to release the water throughout the Manor, once you set the statue loose (and shot the things necessary to open the vents in the pool) and it falls into the water, the Bow seems to vanish. According to the Guide, it's at the bottom of the pool with the pieces of the broken statue. But I searched everywhere for it, including the entire tunnel! Only when I set the statue loose FIRST, BEFORE releasing the water was I ever able to find it (and yes you can easily climb out of the dry pool). So I don't know if this is the same for the PC version, but in order to avoid the glitch (if it isn't a glitch then the Guide seems to have it a bit wrong!) you must FIRST release the statue, get the Bow, THEN release the water (and you can then get the bucket of water to release the Arrow).

Happy hunting!


3rd Jun 2007, 16:02
I managed to get it when the pool was full of water. I think you must have just had a one off game glitch, or maybe you picked it up without noticing. Have fun on it and welcome to the boards! :D