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3rd Jun 2007, 12:05
I have just bought TRA and cause I am new (1st time) :confused: can any1 tell me how to save in Croft Manor? I get checkpoints but when I quit and go back I am at beginning and have lost all I have done. Can't see option to save. Help please:mad2:

3rd Jun 2007, 12:15
Press start and save, or if you're on computer I think it's ESC then save :thumbsup: .

3rd Jun 2007, 12:20
You don't say what format you are playing on. Apparently you can't manual save in Croft Manor with the PC format. Or at least that is what it says on Stella's walkthrough site.

But you can save using the PS2 :D. Press Start, scroll down to save and you are given a 'Manor Save' screen. Just accept to save and you're done and no going back for any pick ups! Whoo!

3rd Jun 2007, 13:10
I am on PC. Where do I get Stella's walkthrough please?:)

3rd Jun 2007, 14:19
I am on PC. Where do I get Stella's walkthrough please?:)
Stella's Walkthroughs (http://www.tombraiders.net/)

Her Anniversary page (http://www.tombraiders.net/stella/anniversary.html)

Her Anniversary one is still a work in progress :)

3rd Jun 2007, 15:02
I checked Stella's and it said when you quit you're progress would be saved automatically but you would have to get the pistols and grapple again.

3rd Jun 2007, 18:28
Thnx to all who replied. Have sorted myself out now. :D