View Full Version : Stuck Great pyramid (Possible spoilers)

3rd Jun 2007, 10:51
Okay, I shoot that thing which resets the timer, but I just cannot make it where ever I'm supposed to be going before everything has gone back into the walls.

I get as far as the wall run and then I'm not sure where to go, I see there's a second ring, but by the time I attempt a backwards jump to it everything has gone back into the walls.

Is there some technique to beating this?


3rd Jun 2007, 12:07
Be very fast especially on the swing poles, take the time to work out what buttons to press so that you can get to the wall run in as little time as possible. You can just make the first jump and do the two swing poles, drop shoot the switch again and keep practising if you need to. Once you have the fast switching on the poles sorted out go further. When you do the first wall run you are jumping off perpendicular to the wall, so you are jumping to the left then grappling for the second wall run and the hand hold straight ahead so you will be jumping straight, you are going to have to take your finger off the left button or you will get all the way there and jump the wrong way. You will have to do this without making a mistake. You will also have to jump straight of the swing poles except when turning on the second one, no wasting time swinging all the way around. The camera angle can be a bit confusing on the PC.

l am a terrible PC player so l am hoping when my PS2 version eventually arrives on the 7th it will be easier to do :(

3rd Jun 2007, 12:52
Indeed, speed is what I need. I always seem to get caught up trying to turn around on the second pole.

3rd Jun 2007, 13:54
If she is already swinging on the second pole do not change direction till she is at the top of the swing, she will whiz around and go the other way. The trick is to get her on there swinging, change direction and jump before the camera changes on you :scratch: