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2nd Jun 2007, 20:52

3rd Jun 2007, 06:45
Your link just took me to the support home page, but here's what digging further came up with. In a nutshell they tell you to copy the entire DVD except the DirectX setup folder (bugged setup files?) to a temporary folder, and install from there instead of the DVD. I guess you would have to update DirectX yourself afterward if it was needed.

The installer is freezing up at 95% complete, what do I do?

If you are trying to install Tomb Raider Anniversary and it freezes up at about 95% complete then you should follow the instructions below to perform a modified desktop install.

1. First of all, create a new folder on the desktop by Right-Clicking on a blank space on your desktop and selecting New then Folder.

2. Open up My Computer (ensure the game DVD is in the drive)

3. Right-Click on the DVD-ROM drive where the game icon should be displayed and select Explore from the menu.

4. When the new window opens, select the Edit menu and choose Select All.

5. Make sure all the files on the right side of the window are highlighted and Right-Click on one of the icons and select Copy from the menu.

6. Close the Window and open up the new folder that you created on your desktop earlier

7. Right-Click in an empty space in the New Folder and choose Paste from the menu.

8. Once the files are copied across, find the folder called "dx9.0c"

9. Left-Click once on the "dx9.0c" folder and hit the small delete key on your keyboard and accept any confirmations.

10. Once this is deleted, find the file called "setup.exe" (should have Lara's face as the icon) and double-click this to run the setup program

The installer should now run through to 100% and the game will be installed. Once installed, the folder that your copied the files to can be deleted as it is no longer necessary.

3rd Jun 2007, 06:52
It gives a solution to the save problem aswell.