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2nd Jun 2007, 15:05

I Don't know if I am the only one and already posted it to techsupport, but judging by the reply I am not the only one that has this problem.

- I had this wrong, description amended, sorry, but now corrected -

Description: Saving the game followed by game restart fails to load the profile created when TRA was last run with the error message "Unable to load Profile ! Your Progress will not be saved until a profile is selected"

When you then go to change profile the profile fails to load in any case. As a result as the profile cannot be loaded no savegames are available.

Reproducible: Yes, Always on each and every start of the game.

Eidos are investigating the issue.

The following is a temporary workaround, so for those desparate to play on

If you experience this error follow the steps:

Edit: impoved way since original post

1. Before launching the game Navigate to your save folder, (in my case I called it "Profile 1", substitute your profile name if it's named something different) The saves will be located in
\My Documents\Eidos\Tomb Raider - Anniversary\Profile 1

2. Copy the files inside this folder to a temporary folder, say C:\temp but doesn't matter where.

3. Launch the game, Create a new profile, call it the same "Profile 1" (Doing it this way prevent numerous profiles building up but you can call it something different if you wish).

4. Start a new game. I used the same hardness and autograb setting to be save, not sure if that matters.

5. As soon as you start level 1 after the cinematic sequences save the game by pressing esc and save.

6. Press alt-tab and minimise the game

7. Navigate to the folder where you put you old save files an move them from C:\temp to \My Documents\Eidos\Tomb Raider - Anniversary\Profile 1.

8. Maximise the game again.

9. Esc to get the load menu back, all your saves should now be there. You may have to do this twice if the save dailog was still up form the previous time to make the game realise the files are actually there. EDIT: I found since that if you have more than one save file savegame 1, savegame 2 etc. you will have to create those first in the newly restarted game followed by copying the files, the filenames must also be the same.

10 . Play on an enjoy ..

10. Bad news you got to do this every time you restart TRA.

Hope we have a fix soon :)

Otherwise I love the game. refreshing to see a game that can be run maxed out on an average PC and considering it only uses Shader model 2.0 It is graphically very impressive. Otherwise seem rock solid on my system. Love it :)

3rd Jun 2007, 06:47
I had the same problem. Check out their supportpage. Apparantly the profile will save after manually loading one save game.

3rd Jun 2007, 13:56
I checked the support page, first thing I did, but that solution does not work for me. becuase the profile will not load at all on game start so I cannot even get as far as seeing my saves. When you go to the change profile option in game and try to load that fails also. The method I outlined at least lets me progress to the game, it does unfortunately not keep the correct percentage completion and unlockables as that gets reset each time you create a new profile, but for now it will do. At least I can progress through the game.

I since found making this post somewhere that Xbox 360 also have load game issues, while the game seems rock solid graphically as I said, it seems to me have some issues/bugs concerning the load / save system.

The fact that there is even a load/save topic in the FAQS seems to sugggest to me that this part of the game must have some issues that were encountered but got not addressed before release. Clearly something like that should not happen, aside from other PC probs that people may have, this is either a work or doesn't work issue, if different it suggests either the installer is doing something wrong or there is a coding fault somewhere but perhaps a subtle one that only manifests itself on some systems under certain situations, as it seems most people do not suffer from this problem Never had this issue with legend which I also have installed.

Just some off the wall thoughts. I can find two entries in the registry which presumably tell the game to find the profile and/or savegame and are entered as follows

Under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\TombRaiderAnniversaryProfileType\Shell\Open\Command
Name=Default Type=REG_SZ Value=C:\Program Files\Tomb Raider - Anniversary\TRA.exe -PROFILE=%1

and similarly for save game there is an entry, but it is the profile that cannot be read openened or read, so can someone confirm that they have this set the same. I guess is that they will, but perhaps if the game assumes certain environment variables are set, or something like that and this may not be so on all systems, so that the path to the profile may be incorrect when the game is launched, it seems to me the issue is that it is simply not finding that location correctly for some reason i.e. PROFILE=%1,
%1 should come out as C:\Documents and Settings\Your login name\My Documents\Eidos\Tomb Raider - Anniversary\Your profile name. If i was debugging this app that is what I'd be checking now first thing.

3rd Jun 2007, 17:16
This happend to me i went to MY documents/Tomb raider anniversary/ and then while the game was already running and was on the main screen i clicked one of the three and then i cliked start game and its said load profile and then i clicked that and there was my profile yay hope that helps!

3rd Jun 2007, 17:59
This happend to me i went to MY documents/Tomb raider anniversary/ and then while the game was already running and was on the main screen i clicked one of the three and then i cliked start game and its said load profile and then i clicked that and there was my profile yay hope that helps!

Thanks Robert, but didn't work for me unfortunately :( . Still, the method I outlined still works ok for me except for the unlockables etc keep getting reset as the profile overwrites that info as if you were starting a new game, but the level save works and loads this way. I am somewhere playing levels in Egypt without problems. :)

4th Jun 2007, 12:18
FYI. Eidos are clearly investigating this issue, I've had a few correspondences, so hopefully a patch, or proper workaround will soon be available.

Just to add since my thougths on it. I was hoping that there would be a fix at the windows level but having thought about it the method I outlined in fact proves that the profile cannot be read, even if it is not found, clearly it is written to the correct location on creation, but while the workaround allows one to resume a save the actual profile content itself is simply ignored, as things such as game progress, unlockables are simply taken from the new profile, not the previous you copied over.

The evidence suggests that if the profile is found, which I now suspect the game does, that the game itself clearly has some discepancy about the way it writes the info, as it cannot be read back in on restart, effectively as if it were corrupt, or some difference in file format the game is expected to see, as opposed to what it has written.