View Full Version : Problems with the demo here too!!!

1st Jun 2007, 14:27
Hello guys, my name is Angela and I'm form Greece, I 've been playing TR games for many years but happened to register in forums recently!

I would like to play the TR anniversary demo too on my computer. I already have it for PS2 but would like to check the graphics on my pc too that has great resolution!

But the problem is that no matter how many times I download it from many different sources the same thing happens:

Although I can see the downloaded file on my desktop when I try to open the program it says that the downloaded file is not valid and I can't delete them as well :mad2: ...What am I supposed to do, I have windows xp!:confused:

Sorry if my English suck a bit , but generally my english isn't good and trying to speak in computer language is even harder!!!:whistle:

I wanna play , please help!!!

10th Jun 2007, 14:40
I had a similar problem some time ago. I think it was because of faulty RAM or bad internet connection.
I downloaded a file and it was always with errors. So I got a program that compared the code of files byte by byte and modify it. The name of the program is HexCmp. If you want to try my method here´s how: download 3 copies of a file and compare them with that program (or any similar program) and there will probably be differences in code. You need to patch the wrong parts with correct code. Then the file should work. At least it did for me :)
As for not being able to delete these files I can´t think of any reason why. If this problem continues you´re going to be out of hard drive space soon:)