View Full Version : Who will "Prevail"....be the GOD

5th Nov 2013, 13:40
i was working on my Kain's new "Iron Armor" listening to one of the Blade II soundtracks and a thought just popped up

in my head outta nowhere...what if there was a mortal kombat between ----- Vampire Lord "Kain" the demi-

god, "Drake" a.k.a Dracula the father of Vampires who is a shape shifter and possess the strength of 100

men as wat i've heard and lastly "La Magra" the god of blood himself then who will be the last one standing if it

did happen and be the"GOD of ALL" .... or The Bad Ass of em all ??? :worship:

5th Nov 2013, 13:55
*cough* (http://nosgoth.net/Blood_Omen/PSNinterview1.htm)

Dracula is a sissy and Kain would kick his ass. All Kain would have to do is throw Dracula in the sunlight or water and watch him cry and whimper into oblivion.


5th Nov 2013, 14:40
Priceless :lol: xDDD