View Full Version : sign a petition to have official TR Levels avaliable for download all in TR4 format.

28th May 2007, 20:01
man, I sure hope we got WADs for TR1 through TRC, but I sure hope we can get all the official levels for our level editors, Please sign. Thanks, Tutuy, A.K.A. Joel. :thumbsup:

28th May 2007, 21:05
Maybe Eidos and Crystal will give us a modded WAD from Anniversary, filled with dinos and other nice goodies that we could use with the level editor!

Well, maybe not :rolleyes: :D

29th May 2007, 02:50
Too many things from early games do not work with LE. This is simply not possible to do.

18th Jun 2007, 19:06
No I mean't the last revelation levels, will include wads, projects, TR4 files etc. :)

18th Jun 2007, 20:00
All the WADs from the Last Revelation are already available :)


18th Jun 2007, 21:17
are these playable Tomb raider 4 levels? :scratch:

18th Jun 2007, 22:34
No, they're WADs :)

18th Jun 2007, 23:06
playable TR4 levels for the, not just the WADs, this is what the petition is for, making all the last revelation levels avalible for the editor, they should include a project of each TR4 level. :)

19th Jun 2007, 07:44
If you have last revelation, you can use TR2Prj to create PRJ files for the levels. They aren't perfect, but should only require a little touchup.

Or do you mean they should give away TR:LR for free?

19th Jun 2007, 11:27
No. :mad: