View Full Version : Can't Walk with Gamepad

28th May 2007, 10:34
I'm using a Logitech Wirelss Rumblepad in the Demo, but I can't walk with it. Using the left stick just runs all the time no matter how soft I push it, and using a 'Walk' button mapped to the controller doesn't work either. I haven't had this with any other games.

Any ideas?


Lara Croft Online
28th May 2007, 11:35
I had this problem also... I went to the control panel and clicked
on gamepad controllers and calibrated the sticks and buttons.

28th May 2007, 13:32
Ahhh, yes that worked. Could have sworn I did that yesterday but must have pressed something wrong. Thanks :)

Lara Croft Online
1st Jun 2007, 02:07
Your welcome glad to help! Enjoy the game :)

5th Jun 2007, 17:44
I have the same problem with my gamepad, even after calibrating... :confused:

12th Jun 2007, 13:16
I have the same stupid problem. It's annoying and ruins the game for me.

21st Jun 2007, 12:13
my problem is that i CAN'T use a keybord!!!
With a gamepad the game plays fine, but with the keybord Lara simply runs everywhere like a maniac! :scratch:

(my prob is the exact opposite of yours! lol)