View Full Version : cant run star wars but can run starwars2 any ideas?

21st May 2007, 12:58
i bought both games for my young son . the star wars 2 original trilogy game works fine on my laptop but i cant get the first game running i keep getting an error mesaage saying my machines graphic card cant support pixel shader ver 1.1 . i contacted the manufacturer who told me the newer version had been upgraded to allow it to run on a wider range of graphic cards but i might pick up an unoffcial solution on this forum.........my grahics card is graphics media accelerator 950 ....was hoping someone else might have had a similar problem in being able to run the star wars 2 version but not the first and found a solution .....many thanks for any help

8th Aug 2007, 02:15
there is a cool little proggy call 3Danalyze made by tomiti systems, its free and will get ur game working, eidos say my graphics card cant be supported! ha! yes it can, all graphics settings at full, works fine. anyway, on 3danalyze select your lego star wars exe (in prgram files>giant>legos star wars> select the exe) then on the top right u shuld see "emulate HW TnL caps" this should fix ur problem seeing as it exactly the same as mine. unfortunalty u need to run 3da every time u wanna play but other than that, it plays 100% perfectly) the moral of this story is: eidos go WAY over the top on their graphics. U shuld see just cause on pc! im suprised my pc can run it. (guess wot i need to use for it tho!) hope this has helped if u still need it. (u shuld find 3danalyze on google - i did)

9th Jun 2008, 10:57
Okay, I have both games and was able to play both games, beat both games but when I went back to finish unlocking stuff in lego star wars I started getting errors. I can still play lego star wars 2 but not the first one. I know there is some sort of conflict between my 512 MB video card (radeon x1600) and my motherboard (a msi, ms-7103) I know the computer can handle the game as I have played it and went through the whole thing. but what would cause it to start locking up and kicking me out at the first screen of the game (the whole in a galaxy far far away bit.)

Do I need to swap out and find another more compatible video card or something. I mean guild wars, a game that is more demanding on the video card works fine. Can anyone help me out on this one I'm stumped.