View Full Version : lmao , how wicked is that!

17th May 2007, 10:53
Look at this!


Also I've seen a vid that you can get behind that door , there's a unfinished training level but it does leads to direlict level. Does anyone knows how?


17th May 2007, 15:20
I'm sure Lo does. ;)

I thought you were posting about Lara's waist having "owl-like" qualities. I don't think a real person can turn around like that w/o moving their hips!

17th May 2007, 18:45
Ouch? :confused:

18th May 2007, 16:08
Advent-Lara, for the training level, the TRAOD SCU is the easiest way to reach it. http://www.tombraiderchronicles.com/tng/aod_scu.html

Basically download, install and play. Press the 'B' key during play and Lara can swim through any wall or door etc. That way you can reach the level. And you can get her duel pistols and infinite ammo :)