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30th Oct 2013, 23:43

The general population of the world and lore. Represented in all its ingenious glory. From what I can tell Nosgoth will be doing a very good job representing humans as a playable race. From the video on the media page I concluded they got inspired by LoK: Soul Reaver. FAQ confirmed it.


As the target of genocide it's very hard to predict where they are at. The FAQ states its corrupted Nosgoth so there is an immense freedom involved in creating the playable vamps. This is very much the most awesome aspect of the vamps as a playable race which sadly doesn't seem to covered much judging from the models. This leads us to believe Raziel either hasn't been killed yet by our beloved Kain. On the other hand, this could be just a few centuries after Raziel got killed. However with all the creative freedom involved it strikes me as odd there is a playable vamp with wings. Whereas I don't recall Kain ever evolving wings. So why did he not kill this variant? Seems like a counter lore move, which will be boycotted by me.

A hint of werewolf,

In the FAQ they say this sounds like a good idea. As for achieving this, it will be hard. With vamp covering most the moves I'd like to see on a werewolf I can hardly imagine there role in the game. However if you think archetypes, this can get very interesting. With humans being your basic ranger and vamps your not so basic warriors. Werewolfs would fill the archetype of tank units perfectly and I am curious about how and if they intend to incorporate these into the game. And this could be that class that smashes your favourite camp building to rubble, better watch your roofs humans:P Lore wise all they have to do is add the Lost City so this could be a very real addition.


With humans and vampires depicted in the gameplay. I just keep asking myself How can you create a game based on the 1st appearance of Raziel as a resurrected wraith. Without an addition of a Wraith class!? We have wraiths appear in 4 LoK games. And one of the antagonists is referred to as a wraith "You serve me adequately as a wraith, and a wraith you will remain." -- The Elder God. From a gameplay point of view these could either fill the role magic wielding glass canons hence your basic wizzard. Or relentless assassins capable of passing trough walls. Lorewise these creatures have reappeared throughout the history of Nosgoth time and time again, and I for one would love to see them added to the game.

Closing Statement,

As an aspiring Indie developer the setting of this game closely resembles the look and feel I am trying to create in one of two game ideas. And I think they did an extremely good job creating a dark and menacing world that can really grasp players. And I for one am very curious about how this will fair in the E-sports industry/community. Gameplay seems to resemble Panzar which is a game that never actually had E-sports potential.

With the lore from LoK in their back pocket there's no telling how this game will evolve and what we can expect in the future. This is a good thing because it will keep the player base guessing. Unlike AoS type games(moba's) and shooters where you basically always know what's coming next. Nosgoth will have the power to reinvent the "online battlefields" genre quite a bit.

Since I am not yet in the alpha/beta this speculation is based solely on the Nosgoth announcement trailer (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VbpMhMfnTuQ&feature=player_embedded) but I will follow up as soon as more information becomes available to the major public and especially after playing the game. I would also like to ask all of you fans out there to state your thoughts on the subjects I've raised.

Thanks for the read,

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31st Oct 2013, 01:48
Welcome aboard.

The game takes place after Raziel was abyssed, but before he returns as a wraith. It's about 2-3 centuries after Raziel was executed, and so the vampires of Kain's empire are the ruling class, not the oppressed. Humans are rising up against them.

Basically, Turel and the rest were led by Kain for a time to wipe out the Razielim. fter a time, Kain's dissipated and left the empire to the Lieutenants. They held true for a while carrying out Kain's orders regarding the Razielim, and the empire, until their own petty jealousies got the better of them and infighting within them arose. The humans seized upon this change to raise a rebellion against them and this is where the game is at.

There are no wraiths, and probably no werewolves. The two classes are the humans and the clans of Kain's vampires.

More detail can be read here (http://nosgoth.com/)

And here (http://forums.eu.square-enix.com/showthread.php?t=7289)

Full Q&A video also here (http://www.youtube.com/nosgoth)

31st Oct 2013, 09:42
Werewolves in Nosgoth?, your joking right, this isn't some Twilight parody, the only werewolf based creaures were the Vampires in Lupine form Circa Blood Omen

hell if they were going to add werewolves, why not frankensteins, zombies or the creature from the black lagoon.

31st Oct 2013, 11:51
No, there were actual werewolves in Blood Omen 1 (http://legacyofkain.wikia.com/wiki/Werewolves), not just vampires who had wolf form. Most notably, the werewolves were in the Lost City and where you get the lightning spell -- both areas that opened up to you only on a full moon.

There were also Zombies (http://legacyofkain.wikia.com/wiki/Zombies) and Zombie Pipers (http://legacyofkain.wikia.com/wiki/Zombie_pipers) in Blood Omen 1. You also had walking skeletons, skeletons with swords and shields, and ghosts of those you had slain and other specters in that game.

Please take a moment to check up on the lore of the games before you jump down someone's throat for something.

31st Oct 2013, 12:29
Also, the creature from the black lagoon was originally slated to play Rahab (http://www.thelostworlds.net/SR1/Images/05-Gameplay-08-Bosses-08-Rahab.JPG) in Soul Reaver, before being unceremoniously fired and replaced by a younger actor. :)

1st Nov 2013, 00:24
Would be interesting but I wouldn't be too keen on breaking the game up into 4 factions.

1st Nov 2013, 01:11
I wouldn't mind seeing werewolves on the human side. Yet, I don't know if it's feasible to implement seeing as how the theme of the game is ranged vs melee.

As for wraiths, a Revived Vampire class could be interesting but I also have suspicions it might not work for this game.

2nd Nov 2013, 01:19
Why on earth would Werewolves work with Humans? that's another issue; all 4 of these 'races' want nothing more then to mercilessly kill eachother, and as such can't be paired together for any reason i would deem lore-faithful.

2nd Nov 2013, 01:53
^ Because vampires wouldn't have werewolves as allies. In the time Nosgoth is set, the vampires sired by Kain rule Nosgoth. Anyone who isn't descendent from Kain would not be worthy enough to fight along side, from the vampires point of view. I don't know the motivation of werewolves in Blood Omen; so I can't say if the lore supports them working with humans, but they would definitely not fit on the vampires side.

Revived vampires are still vampires. The tomb guardian is a great example of this. Even though he probably spent some time in the spectral realm and gained wraith powers, he still serves Kain by the time of SR1.

2nd Nov 2013, 06:15
We never see the motivations of werewolves in BO1. Only that they guard certain areas only accessed by a full moon and are in a couple of other spots, like the one in Vorador's mansion.

Are they with humans, against them, indifferent? I'd think the later, but they also have something that vampires do not and that is a human form (not a magic spell, like Kain's beguile). When you kill one, it reverts back to its human form, so they, unlike vampires, still are half human, probably. It's also unknown if their blood would nourish Kain's vampires, but, glutton that he is, he certainly was able to feed on them without a problem.

I'd imagine that they, like humans, would be lesser to these vampires and would be oppressed also, in some way. In fact, some werewolves might even be among the humans, trying to live human lives, when Kain's empire was erected. If I imagine a werewolf in this game, it wouldn't be a separate faction, given they have a human half. Why not simply make a power that you can choose which is lycanthropy for any human class? Using this power would only be temporary, like any other limited power, and would be the equivalent, perhaps, of the Turelium charge. When activated, the model would swap out of the human and morph in the werewolf, and you'd have a limited time to perform the charge on a vampire, and a random few animations of biting and claw swipes when you hit him. (Barring for the moment the separation of melee on the vampires' side vs. ranged on the humans', this would only be a temporary and limited power)

This knocks down and deals significant damage to the vampire, so when the human's form reverts right afterward, the human has time to retreat again, or to keep firing his weapon. Also, the power could deal less damage and last for less time in maps during the day, but still give you that momentary edge. At night, under a full moon, it would be more impressive.

In the lore, it could be explained that these humans take any secret weapon they can get, so these few warriors in their ranks that are werewolves, would be tolerated, perhaps even revered a bit like Raziel when he returns (more tolerated, I'd think), for simply being on their side. These humans are desperate, so perhaps one "evil" to wipe out another would be acceptable.

Just tossing out how it might work.

3rd Nov 2013, 04:14
Hmm, when played out that way, I guess it's plausible.

4th Nov 2013, 20:30
Hey I am new here, but so so excited about this game. I've been obsessing over LOK in an embarrassing fashion since ps1. I am not sure about werewolves. Any lore for them is so absent and hard to form. Although maybe if they were some kind of Kain fanboy cult for his wolf form, who then turned against the mainstream humans. I'd quite like to see something out of Dark Eden though. There was some weird stuff going on in those parts in BO1. The guys who used to explode at you were genius. Some kind of mutant interferers might be quite interesting, even if not forming a faction for themselves. Other guys and gals it would be nice to see again but never probably will understandably:

- Gypsies (a bit un PC I never saw why they were in BO in the first place. But they gave it character)
- Irritating sorcerer dudes
- grave diggerers
- Stupid swamp muties from SR 2.

- Though something about the Eternal Prison would be ace. That place was too cool.

7th Nov 2013, 09:51
Ahhh I never managed to Aquire the Lightning spell, so my bad and as for jumping down somebody's throat, hardly, but i'm sorry if somebody was offended

8th Nov 2013, 19:58
I can't remember if I ever got it. I must have got a bit higher than "wench" or whatever that scoring system was, or that could be rose-tinted view.

16th Nov 2013, 23:46
Or it could be an equipped ability that act's like a wild card factor. It would randomly trigger and deactivate, but would be powerful when active.I think this would help in the fact that werewolves could not control their transformations.

17th Nov 2013, 06:05
I think a limited power not restricted by class could be fun, as suggested by The_Hylden. There would have to be other useful abilities though, matches would go stale pretty quick if every human was a werewolf.

Or it could be an equipped ability that act's like a wild card factor. It would randomly trigger and deactivate, but would be powerful when active.I think this would help in the fact that werewolves could not control their transformations.

Just throwing some knowledge out there, it's only modern movie werewolves that can't control their transformation; the gypsy curse as it were. There are many different versions of Lycanthropy in folklore. Just one example from from wikipedia:

The 16th century Swedish writer Olaus Magnus says that the Livonian werewolves were initiated by draining a cup of specially prepared beer and repeating a set formula.

How Lycanthropy is put in the game, if it is, would depend completely on how the Devs decide to develop the lore of Nosgoth's werewolves; since they aren't explained well in BO1 it seems.