View Full Version : Won't load next mission after finding secret tunnel

14th May 2007, 13:46
I'm having the exact same issue as the following poster:


This thread, however, offered no solutions. I contacted the game manufacturer as well as the vendor of the game download to no avail. None of their tips resolved the problem. The poster of the thread said Eidos was sending him some CDs to fix the problem, but I received no such offer of help from Eidos when I reported the same issue.

I've updated drivers, Direct X, etc. I've redownloaded and reinstalled the game. No luck there either. I've tried different saves. Nothing. The game is flawless up to this point. I just can't get past the secret tunnel.

My system:

HP a520n desktop
Winows XP
ATI Radeon 9550 video card
Soundblaster Audigy 4 sound card
AMD Athlon XP 3200+ 2.19 GHz
1.00 GB RAM

PLEASE can somebody help me resolve this issue so I can finish the game without repurchasing it?


14th May 2007, 23:12
Nobody knows anything about this issue? :confused:

19th May 2007, 02:27
Nope. Sorry.

Who did you buy / download it from? You might do a search for that vendor's name and see if that turns up anything. Search both here and in the TDS forum. May be a bug in that edition but not in others.

If the download vendor has a forum, you might raise the question there.

What ATI driver version to you have? It needs 4.8 or above. You might do a search here for catalyst or some such. I would also do a web search for ATI drivers and find one that people recommend as most reliable.