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12th May 2007, 23:47
Who's youre fav character Raziel, Or Kain??

The Soal Reaver

The Reaver was first forged by Vorador some time around the end of the war between the Ancients and the Hylden. After its forging, the highest mages among the Ancients endowed the Reaver with the power to drain its victims of their blood. At that point, the sword was informally known as the "Blood Reaver."

After the end of the war and the raising of the Pillars, the Reaver was given to Janos Audron for protection. Centuries later, the Sarafan stormed Janos' keep, murdered Janos and stole the Reaver. Raziel, who had traveled back in time from the future, chased the Sarafan down, reclaimed the Reaver and killed the Sarafan. In the unaltered timeline, Raziel was then drawn into the blade, transforming it into a soul-devouring weapon. Hereafter the blade was known as the Soul Reaver. In Soul Reaver, Kain shatters the blade over Raziel therefore releasing the Soul Devouring Entity (Raziel, himself) out of the blades material form turning it into a Wraith Blade.