View Full Version : Just out of curosity does it work with integrated graphics

12th May 2007, 22:00
I have a dell Dimension 3100 Windows XP sp2
intel p4 pro 2.80GHz
512 DDR2 RAM
80GB hd
Had a Intel gma 900 now I got a PNY 6200 256MB PCI

go here for info


What I want to know I got a vertex error should it worked now I get no errors with the demo.

Do you at Eidos make sure the game would work on any computer or just rush it out with glitches, with a patch all this could be fixed.

13th May 2007, 01:32
Try updating your software. There is definately newer software for the 6200. You might also want to look into more RAM. If you do get the game running, it won't run well without at least a gig.

I hate to say it, but we ain't getting a patch. If it's not worth it, you should have waited for Just Cause 2.

I doubt that would get patched either.

~best of luck

25th May 2007, 21:14
I had the intel gma 900 then got the pny 6200 pci card, i did not buy the full version, I got atifacts with the demo, blue sky lines and jagged edges even with the nvidia geforce card, i got it in slot one does that have conflict with integrated graphics. I will move it to slot two.

Whats strange is the intel graphics are no different to the nvidia card.:scratch:
I got it to play with the integrated graphics using 3D analyzer.With that I did not get the blue sky artifacts, I took out the pny 6200 graphics card.

driver version 84.21 might try new driver see if it makes it better. I did no change, stuck with the 81.95 whql driver from cd when I got the card. now I get artifacts in web browser sometimes.