View Full Version : Help for Noob Please

12th May 2007, 18:31
Hey, ive been playing this game for a day and was just wondering how to start diplomatic relations with countries. I dont mean like with france or spain but countries that you dont see from the start like eygpt or two sicilies. Im playing as Great Britain and sent a ship with some troops on it to the water next to eygpt expecting to contact them somehow. Can someone help?

Thanks in advance

12th May 2007, 20:46
Errr...I havent played the game in so long I really don't remember how. :scratch:

I THINK....once you have the proper diplomatic buildings built,this includes embassys etc, you can begin contact. Again...I THINK, in your case you'll need to own a piece of land near Egypt to start contact, otherwise it will remain under the fog of war. Whatever you see on the diplomacy map are countries you can inciate contact, if you don't see it you have to lift the fog of war to see it.


13th May 2007, 19:35
Ok thanks, i think thats how you do it cos i built one which enabled me to contact russia and some other ones