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29th Oct 2013, 22:52
Hey I'm not sure if everyone seen the new lore-post for the Iron guard but the crossbows concept art they had got me wondering what types they would have to counter the Vampire types. The obvious 'Van Helsing' automatic Crossbow is obviously one but we already know the Watchers of Dark Eden are the sharp shooters, so what other sorts of weaponry would the all rounders of the humans have to protect themselves from the specialized types of vampires.

here are some crossbow types i had ideas on.


I figure a bolt with a bomb attached to it would be excellent considering their charging attack would mean a big force would be needed to stop them as long as doesn't explode right next to you

The Splinter shot, like a shot gun, the bolts breaks into dozens of razor sharp splinters and tears through the attacker, it would kind of break the ranged vs melee, but how far is the definition of ranged?

This ones interesting, Since its been expressed that most of these arenas will have buildings or cliffs because the razielim need to be high to take off i thought a bolt that shortly after being fired releases a bunch of razor wire that attaches itself to the nearest surface creating a sort of net. If a razielim flies through this net, like to swoop down and grab a human, they'd get shredded to pieces by the wire. other vampires types could tear these down to help the razielim and would create an interesting dig in option for the humans

-Zephonim (I know they're not implemented yet but i had an idea)
Sonic Bolts these bolts stick to a wall for a short time before shorting out and would make a noise if a vampire got to close to them (like the Neo-Sarafans vampire detection tech), alerting Humans of they're presence and if a bunch of them are shot near each other there combined sound causes damage overtime effect to nearby vampires this would be devastating for the zephonims and most other vampires stealth power and would create a awesome connection between zephonim and the silent cathedral.

31st Oct 2013, 09:46
That sounds cool, plus it'de be nice to class counter abilities for all the classes, so it doesn't descend into "My class / race is better than yours" arguements

1st Nov 2013, 17:02
I like the ideas here. Although it'll lead to another discussion of what do the vamps get. Cause with the humans there are PLENTY of ideas we could use to get them advantages, the razor net is a great idea, and the splinters would work well as maybe temp debuffs on Razielim wings too. The vamps on the other hand don't seem to have any trap-like abilities or anything of that sort. Considering the enemy attacks from afar, you'd think the vamps would develop ways of snaring or hiding from them until they're right on them. They might be ugly as hell, but they're not stupid enough to just charge the enemy over and over without a plan of some sort.

7th Nov 2013, 10:20
they might have a lesser form of the beguile spell used by kain in BO1, so that they could suddenly appear from nowhere MWHAAAA HAAAA HAAA

tbh thou it's more likely the vamps will be faster, stronger and more agile, and as such will be able to avoid most attacks through careful dodging, much like raziel in the SR Games.

what I would like to see as a benefit for both would be weapons that you can take off the walls and either use them in melee or throw them as projectiles much like the spears in SR1