View Full Version : What are your fav TR characters.(apart from Lara)

7th May 2007, 00:57
My favourite chracters are Pierre and Zip.Zip was funnier in chronicles than in Legend.:(

7th May 2007, 01:04
I know Zip is supposed to be her eyes and ears but to me he is just an annoying distraction at times - making wise cracks when Lara needs to be concentrating.

I don't really have any favourite characters. People think I loathe the butler hehehe but after a difficult challenge I am always quite relieved to visit the mansion to see a very non-threatening face and a good old cup of English tea :D

7th May 2007, 12:41
This one is hard lol....

I liked werner in tomb raider 4 , not in AOD.

But my real fave character....Larson lol

Chronicles was the first Tomb Raider game i've ever played. And i love him there.

Yet pierre in tomb raider is funny too though..I love it when Lara scares him jsut by saying 'boo' lol

7th May 2007, 13:41
I like Larson,Amanda and Zip.
I hate Werner.

7th May 2007, 15:04
I love Natla and Sophia! Rich, evil, powerful women :D

I hate Amanda. And err...if I were to choose a favorite... :scratch:

The raw fish on Werner's table in AOD, what a charicter! :D

10th May 2007, 10:58
I love Set in the Last Revelation, though he's not a Tomb Raider 'character' per se, as he existed beforehand.

I'd have to say Natla, then. A woman for a villain was very intriguing.

16th May 2007, 16:27
And even more now in Anniversary!!She looks so great, skinny, long nails&hair and all about her screams FEMME FATALE!!
I adore her and i am so happy that she will be a unlockable in Anniversary i just hope she has new clothes!!:rasp:

16th May 2007, 17:21
*looks sneakily around*

Am I allowed to say this?

Kurtis :D

*looks at feet*

Fine weather we're having!

18th May 2007, 20:21
Werner Von Croy was an awesome character from TLR. He just stands out as the best character apart from Lara. His character had so much depth and development, what wasn't there to like about Lara's mentor turned nemesis in that game's cutscenes?

*looks sneakily around*

Am I allowed to say this?

Kurtis :D

Darn right you're allowed to say that, Star. It's the interweb, where free speech runs rampant (lest you say naughty words, then the wonderful mods and administrators kindly edit you). I would love to see Kurtis Trent return, but ONLY as a non-playable character. Just part of the supporting cast. Tomb Raider is controlling Lara Croft, and Miss Croft only.

And I really like Zip and Alistair. I can't stand silence when playing a game, and they made me laugh so much. I hope they return in the sequel to Legend.

19th May 2007, 23:48
Amanda's been my favorite so far. She had the arrogance/*****iness of Paris Hilton and a kind of drama queen personality. But Zip and Allister were great as a duo, I found them amusing.

20th May 2007, 02:24
There are other characters ??!? I don't care about them. ;) :D

Imitating Jan Brady from 'The Brady Bunch'.

"All I care about is Lara. Lara, Lara, Lara !!" :lol:

Laura Croft
20th May 2007, 14:40

I Heart Natla. :p

28th May 2007, 20:50
My faves: Natla,Zip,Alister,Amanda & Anaya.

29th May 2007, 13:58
I've always liked Pierre.

5th Jul 2007, 17:56
Allister's awesome, specially on the England Level on Legend.
As it was said above, Zip and Allister work great as a duo.

5th Jul 2007, 19:51
Natla and Amanda. <3 Sexy women.

Tara C
5th Jul 2007, 19:51
*looks sneakily around*

Am I allowed to say this?

Kurtis :D

*looks at feet*

Fine weather we're having!

Yayyyyyyyyyyyy *dances* not just me that loves kurtis :eek: did i say love :eek: haha i reli like kurtis and if i was lara i would have deffo got with him if he was real hed be gorgeous haha ill behave now...

i love zip as a character i dont really remember him from chronicles thogh but i loved him in legend...

i dont really like anyone else haha all the villans annoy me cause i have to fight them and they cause me stress and anger haha so thats not good for me... bt if i say that about them i must say that about my boyfriend haha *hides*

6th Jul 2007, 07:25
ok..i must say this...DOES ANYBODY IN THIS TOMBRAIDER FORUM REMEMBER........MARCO BARTOLI?????Seriously...he is the only person who turns into a DRAGON!! how freaking cool is that!!!! A dragon...i must say that was fun slaying him in tombraider 2!!!Natla is second and werner is 3rd :)

7th Jul 2007, 05:55
The Kid from TR1 and TRA. I love those Uzi/SMG's. And he has to die before you get them.

7th Jul 2007, 10:19
I like Larson, Natla, Sophia Leigh and the killer whales in TRIII, Area 51 :p
I hate Werner, Dr. Willard and Boaz...