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5th May 2007, 19:37
Lately I've been having problems with connecting to games on XBox Live

There are a lot of games where it'll say the host isn't available or basically times out after 30-60seconds. In the game lobby it'll show 1/8 or 3/8, but will time out w/ "session full" after a minute. These games have been running for about 12 hours now, & have been unplayable since I first noticed them.
There are several games that I recall seeing @ 9pm & seeing them again @ 9am-12pm the next morning & can't be joined. If you have logs, check for gamer tags OffNIGHTHAWK(game open @ least for 12 hrs, BLACKACE2020.

Also, there's a problem w/ the scroll bar & how games are displayed in the game lobby when there are more than 10 games. When you reach the end of the visible games & then press down to view the next game down in the lobby, it does not display the proper information to the right of the screen where the game info is displayed( ie: host name, which map, Players: x/y). As you scroll down, this info doesn't change, when you scroll up one, it changes but displays the information for a game that is not selected. The info shown will always be from a game that was originally in view.

ie: if u scroll all the way down, then up one, then back down, it'll display the game info from game # 10 in the lobby, even tho you have game #25 selected.

There are about 25 games in the player games lobby, can only join those that show in the top 10, & 6 or more of those can't be joined.

I called XBox Live support re: game connection problems & the several games that have been running forever & they refered me to Eidos support, 415-615-6220, who didn't answer as it's a Saturday.
Other ppl I talked to in the lobby are having this problem too.

6th May 2007, 09:45
Your not the only one having problems with xbox live
There's a few other threads about this in thr genral discussion forum.

6th May 2007, 18:41
yeah m8 i'm having also the same prob...

i first tought it was my connection bhut everything was ok

it are about 20-25 games that are excisting forever i gues...
and i can't connect to 1 of them...

8th May 2007, 21:25
The problem is over, when I went on today they were gone!!

9th May 2007, 13:44
also here :P

6th Jun 2007, 23:51
This problem has not been resolved. It seems like every weekend that a bunch of dead games remain listed. Then they get cleared up midway during the first business day afterwards (when they apparently reset the servers).

This means that every weekend, we have to deal with problem over and over and over. Many player give up trying to find a real, active game, because you have to write down or remember all of the bad games in order to know which ones are good. This is ridiculous. Eidos needs to fix this problem immediately. I'm sick and tired of waiting for your staff to reset the servers on monday or tuesday, when there's been 3 or 4 days of server garbage left for us to deal with.

While I'm on the subject, here are my other gripes:

I don't have any XBOX 360 games that lock up - besides yours, that is. Both the Demo and Live game lock up all the time when loading, playing, and closing the game. It just completely freezes with no errors.

There is no way to determine the speed and quality of the host and gamers without actually launching the game and experiencing the lag. This means that most 8 player games are unplayable with huge lag or half the players drop out in the first minute. So we have to wait a long time to get a full game, only to have no level of assurance that the game will work right. The game should show the ping latency and the uplink/downlink bandwidth of all the players in the lobby.

Many gamers like to be insulting or vulgar in the game lobby or during the game because there is no easy way of seeing who is speaking on their mike at the moment. The only option provided is to mute each player one at a time, long enough to guess which player it was. There should be an indicator to show which players are using their mic.

When games terminate due to a disconnected host (often faked by hosts who get owned or lose all their playing units), or if all the players on the team that is "losing" drop out of the game, then no ending stats are shown. This is frustrating as-hell to have a bunch of poor losers keep me from seeing the game results. This is only surpassed in BS by being told that I've "lost" the battle when the all the opposing players (who aren't the host) drop out at the last few seconds as their final carrier or base is sinking, when I've just slaughtered them without losing a unit or base of my own. This is particularly frustrating when I know that I have earned achievements, but the losers intentionally keep me from getting them by leaving the game or killing their connection. Stats and achievements should not depend on the actions of other players, especially the opposing team and host.

Then there's the issue of getting your gamer Rep score hammered by bad losers who have no legitimate reason for giving you a bad report. I'm sure that the rep is not being given good credit for all the players who have played nicely with no problems, but don't get good reports from the other player - only bad reports from the poor losers. In other words, the bad reports have much too great of a weight because non-reports with successful games aren't given any positive benefit to the players rep. I have a 40% bad rep now, even though I know that 99% of the players and games I play have absolutely no valid justification for giving me a bad rep. I help many, many other gamers learn how to play in the demo. Nobody is reviewing these reports for accuracy, so why should a small number negative reports be given such weight unless they are confirmed?

I'm one pissed off customer. If these problems aren't addressed with reasonable solutions, there's no way I'm buying another Eidos product in my lifetime.

7th Jun 2007, 16:41
Rep isn't controled by Eidos, contact Xbox support for that.

8th Jun 2007, 00:22
XBox Live records the rep that is reported by the game. If the game reports wrong, incomplete, or inaccurate stats, then it's the game developers fault, as I understand it. I believe that BS:M is reporting incomplete and inaccurate stats.

Rep isn't controled by Eidos, contact Xbox support for that.