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4th May 2007, 23:29
who`s gonna create film and who`ll play for Garret?! - i`ve heard that question here and it`s gotta be me - no really - i`ve even recreate that character in Russian( http://www.proza.ru/texts/2007/05/05-17.html ) - in my
version he is a hero, rebel and he`s action is an action of reasonable a man inside of that mad world - `cuase world of Thief 3 is a metaphora of the world that we have he now here in Russia and especially had before - it`s a very imortant character for the land of thiefs and slaves!! - the whole world now filled by people who wants other people to serve them and serve the others to be able to demand it!! - but i`m not a slave - i rather be a thief than
slave or fall free then live as a servant!! - i know you may define the story of thif 3 as
a fiary story only and my speech as a words of a mad man, however hamerits or guards as well
police and church can tell you the same : you gotta work for the system or be executed! -
And what if i don`t wanna do so!! - `cause i`m an artist and that system is for traders - not for creators!! - for me all thoose jerks who`s rulling that world(or thibnk that they do) doing the same - take a Willy Gates or his "fellow" Steeve Jobs ?! - We all know that they got a first contract without having a product - and they sold somtething that they haven`t create not as a brokers or midlemen as they really are, but as the owners - and if
cash is a measure of sociaty appreciation to your work, than it`s not working - `cause real creator of first MS DOS got only 50 000, than Microsoft got millions!!? - And it`s not
Bill gates fault - it`s yours - `cause you don`t really care how to take that you want
and you don`t think about how much so colled free stuff really cost!! - For exemple free
imaes or free downloadable mp3`s - if it`s form major artists - that ok - they publishing
1 song and get whole album solled, but if you`re not on MTV - you may publish whole album and get a hundreds clicks, but sell less then you`ll spend on creation...or don`t sell anything at all `cause if your fans can get it for free, they don`t wanna pay for CD?? -
Mp3 is cool - comfortable, but not for that greedy world - `cause if major ones loosing
millions - avarage can loose everything!? - Cash transfering system as a trust transfering
system is not working - it`s corruption which can take of one the most important things from
you - something that you can`t buy `cause only you can create it,( no one can do what
only toy can create) - thats why a real artist will never get satisfaction from another artist`s creations(only inspiration) - you may called as a talent or tast or abilities, but
thats what that system stills, `cause when you work for cash you work for somebody and when
you do so, you won`t create something that you can buy, somethimg worthfull!! - only when you create something for oneself, somethings thats only you can do - you`ll do so with full
output, `cause you`ll do it for oneself and only then you`ll gave everything to your creation you can get a full satisfaction! - System steel that from you - so why i should be
loyal to the system and became a slave in return!? - And the Cherch doing the same
with you faith - they need cash, but they forgot that philosophy of Christ is a philosophy
of outsiders - "..only the one who will reject this world can find a Kindom of Heaven" - He said and they are creating a Church based on religion which was created againts Church and clerics - religion which don`t need religuion, which need your own good will and conciosness instead of shallow prays, which you don`t bealeave in!! - Garret is a man
outside of that hypocritic system, but when i`m playing fo Garret i don`t kill thoose
hamerits, guards or even downworld monsters if i don`t have too... - thats why i love this
game as well as another eidos release (Hitman 2 Silent assasian) - you can act as well as
you wanna act - you`re free to kill, but can do not!! it`s all ups to you!! of coarse San Andres can give even more freedom, but it`s not so beautifull and realisic!!?:) ..yeh it gotta be me `cause i also look like garret:http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/47263705/ - at least for a litlle bit!?:)

5th May 2007, 08:53

5th May 2007, 18:43
The correct spelling is Garrett

6th May 2007, 23:34
The correct spelling is Garrett Hm maybe so - gotta check out..ok i`m going to hide into shadows and will ask them!?;) Cha cha