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3rd May 2007, 15:01
I noticed from a long way off at the other end of this area (looking in the opposite direction), that there was a cut-out high up in the ice. You just jump that sloped part on the boat deck and jump again whilst sliding down, onto a small corner ledge. A few more careful jumps and you end up here:


I'm probably the only one who failed to find it until now :rolleyes: Just behind Lara is a secret area containing a rocket. Just thought I'd point it out incase others were not aware (but I bet you were, it's only me who walks around seemingly with her eyes closed the whole time :lol: )

3rd May 2007, 22:17
If I ever got up there, it was so long ago that I completely forgot. But I do 'half'-remember that flat area with the rocket. Nice shot you've got - nice of you to put up these moments. You could well post them under the heading: "Lo's Tomb Raider Diary, Entry so-and-so" :D

(by the way, don't you find it strange how the ship ended up in a closed bay?:scratch: )

4th May 2007, 07:55
Thanks Seth! Yes I did consider how it got there - maybe it was another wrong home delivery by Iceland :lol: (the shop not the country ;) ) :D

I don't think I have nearly enough 'revelations' to start a diary hehehehe but I do love that whole area in Antarctica. It makes me feel cold just playing it! It's a great area for pretty shots though isn't it. When I first played I didn't think we were supposed to get to the ship, I thought it was there for scenery so I was chuffed when I found the wall ladder to get there although there isn't much to see or do on the ship itself.

There's another rocket behind an ice wall to Lara's far right which you can't see in the shot but I'm not sure I ever got to it. I tried shooting the glacier-type wall out like you can in TR2's Tibettan Foothills so I think you have to get there via another route.

The creepiest bit was hearing that radio broadcast and then having that mutant appear on the floor in the corner of the hut :eek:

4th May 2007, 14:23
Yeah; as that area does not need to be reached (in fact it was some time before I even noticed it!), and it's solely for the creeps; the 'revelation' that Willard is not all what he seems.

Forgive me, Lo, but killing lots of RX-Tech workers does count as doing something, to me.;) I liked that ship; particularly the deck. That's part of what I love about Tomb Raider; taking in something as simply a part of the scenery, then discovering you actually are meant to reach it and you get to see things from the other end.

4th May 2007, 14:45
I've been there :)

4th May 2007, 15:33
Actually, not knowing where I was up to in that old saved level I got back on the boat so I could look down over the left side and the back to try and locate my dinghy :lol:

I was beginning to think someone had eaten it :D I found it eventually but as I ran through the boat I did notice how many dead bodies I had to lovingly step over on the way to the area I entered from. ;) I'd forgotten how many dudes were on that boat.

Don't know what I was expecting where the interior is concerned though - it's hardly the Maria Doria is it - probably some budget ferry for mutated migrants :lmao: