View Full Version : Lara & Winston Engrossed In Conversation

2nd May 2007, 14:04
Lara: Now listen up old chap. I'm thinking of having some friends over for a karaoke night - the odd rendition of Elvis sounds like fun.

Winston: Uh huh?

Lara: Why must I continually repeat myself? That's usually your job....what exactly HAVE you been eating lately? :eek:

Winston: Pffffft Ooh urgh! :o

Lara: A very impressive attempt Winston but that sounded nothing like Maria Carey.

Winston: Oh oogle oogle ooooh

Lara: That was far more believable. Now can I trust you to serve the drinks without poisoning the guests?

Winston: Uh?

Lara: Not via the drinks you fool, by your continual insistence on polluting the air with your various gastric anomolies.

Winston: Pfffffft....ugh!

Lara: Chuffing hell - it really is. You're fired before a bonafide explosion really does occur :lmao:

2nd May 2007, 15:35
Winston: And shall your guests be retiring to the target practice area for the evening? It will, of course, influence my attire. I'll have it polished and ready for my use.

2nd May 2007, 15:47
:D :lol:

Yes, we may well squeeze in a small round or two during the various scheduled events.

One of those includes a loaded version of hide and seek. In which case, you are dismissed early. Please report back at 9pm wearing nothing but an apron and please hide in the bathroom - I promise not to tell anyone. I am a very good liar by the way ;)

2nd May 2007, 17:08

Lara and Winston sitting in a tree
First comes love, then comes marriage
Then comes Winston with a baby carriage (and a tray of tea!)

2nd May 2007, 22:12
Winston wakes up and finds himself kissing the horse statue in the manor grounds.
Lara is standing on the ground, hands on her hips.
Lara: "What on EARTH do you think you're doing, Winston?"
Winston: "Uh?"
Lara shrugs and sighs, turning around and retiring to the mansion.
Lara: "Oh well; at least he's not breaking the law this way."

3rd May 2007, 00:33
Winston: "I think Lo from Eidos forums has an infatuation with me or something."

Lara: "Don't talk to me ! I thought you loved me ! I've gotten over you stalking me. And why does NRNR keep killing me in games ?!?! I want to create that Myspace page !! I'm sick of these digital cosmetic surgeries, too !"

Yes, her mind's sporadic now.. :nut:


3rd May 2007, 08:59
:lol: Oh well, gives us something to do while we're all waiting I suppose :D

4th May 2007, 17:46
...uttely confuzzled

5th May 2007, 00:47
:lol: I believe this thread explains things a bit:

5th May 2007, 03:54
Both threads, this one and the link in Seth Koopa's post, are friggin' hilarious.

5th May 2007, 07:54
:D - :lol: - :lmao:

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