View Full Version : Karima Adebibe's Myspace!

28th Apr 2007, 16:13
Click_Here (http://www.myspace.com/Winxie101)

29th Apr 2007, 06:19
I don't think that's Karima's Myspace...

Many reasons for that, but to note a few:

Bethnal Green is misspelled... You'd think someone who comes from Bethnal Green would know how to spell it. Also the link URL is amazingly similar to your signature banner url.... Something tells me this is your creation and not official :rasp:

17th May 2007, 20:40
Bad boy!

17th May 2007, 21:40
Actually I got the idea from her I am her biggest fan and why would it be the number one most popular Karima Adebibe myspace?