View Full Version : USER INTERFACE NOTICE: Latency Issues for Oct 29th Playtest

28th Oct 2013, 18:10
Hi guys,

Just giving you a heads up that we will be running some debugging on the October 29th build to try to solve the latency (lag) issues you've been experiencing during play sessions.

We'd hoped to fixed this over the weekend for Tuesday, but it does not occur in our testing, so we need to capture server data during testing to get more information.

It's likely there will still be latency issues during Tuesday's session, but please still play to give us a good sample to examine. We really appreciate you continuing to playtest despite the ongoing server issues.

29th Oct 2013, 10:25
Good to know, thanks for the heads up. Hopefully it won't be as bad as last time but atleast we know what to expect today.

29th Oct 2013, 10:47
Okay, somehow I feel I need to shout:


Thanks for the heads-up. Last time it was mostly early on and then settled a little bit.

Going to be fun testing Leap when the puny humans don't see my Tyrant flying at them until it will be too late!