View Full Version : problems with Croft Manor in TR Legend

27th Apr 2007, 23:25
I am having trouble with opening the second grate in the swimming pool in Croft Manor. I have completed the first level and went back to the house. Has anyone had this problem and is thiere a bug to fix it?

28th Apr 2007, 01:41
You'll have to do a bit of work.
There are two fish pillars to the right of the pool as you enter. Pull both of these out as far as you can. Also, there is a spear above just before these 2 pillars... use your grapple to pull it out. Then climb onto the shorter pillar and jump to grab the balcony outcrop to traverse around. Once you have gone around, jump backward to land on the second pillar. Obviously jump to grab the spear and hop to platform. Next, there are 2 statues facing opposite directions - you must turn these guys inward to face each other (you can use your grapple or just press 'interact' to grab and turn them). Once you've done that a panel rotates, revealing a tongue switch. Walk over to it and press 'interact'... Problem solved.

Hopefully you got all that ;)

22nd May 2007, 15:42
i dont have a grapple in the manor.
the only thing i have is guns

22nd May 2007, 16:52
jenzie, use the laptop that's on the floor in Zip's room, this will open up a safe nearby which contains the grapple.

Dukem :)