View Full Version : Stuttering when moving the mouse in Thief Gold

26th Apr 2007, 15:04
When I use the keyboard I can move around at great speed and without any stuttering, but as soon as I either move the mouse or click it the framerate drops to almost zero. If I move the mouse around all the time it's a literal stand still.

I'm running the game on Windows XP with all the latest patches, including for DirectX, and I have an ATI AIW 9000 (I know it's not the fastest 3D card around). I'm using a Logitech optical mouse with the latest MouseWare. Again, the performance is very good as long as I don't touch the mouse.

Any ideas what can be causing this problem? I've seen a few other older games behave the same.


27th Apr 2007, 07:44
Is it a USB Mouse? USB devices cause problems with the game.

Do a USB search on the Tech forum and in the Deadly Shadows forum if it is a USB or remote device.

27th Apr 2007, 16:31
It sure is (wireless, but connected via USB).

Aren't they all nowadays?