View Full Version : Help loading Deadly Shadows

26th Apr 2007, 14:17
My son has just bought Thief Deadly Shadows for XP. We have all the correct system requirements but when we try to load the game it displays a message saying 'Cannot read license agreement install will now close'. It then stops loading- :mad2: any ideas??

8th May 2007, 21:36
Helen, all I can think of are the following...

a) your CD needs cleaning
b) your CD is defective
c) the CD-ROM drive you're using cannot handle the copy protection in the game

I seen c) happen alot to people with any game when they have an old PC or old CD-ROM drive. A good way to troubleshoot this is to try installing the game on another, possibly newer, computer.

Also check the CD for dirt, smudges and scratches.