View Full Version : Stuck in Tokoyo!! HELP PLEASE

25th Apr 2007, 16:47
New to Tomb Raider Legend. I came into a room with a large screen that I'm supposed to shoot two ropes holding it up then grabble and pull it down. I have killed all the men and grappled it down slightly but can shoot the ropes. I cant get lara to aim up. no matter what i do, she shoots straight out in front of her. How to do I get her to aim up towards the ceiling??? Using regular XBOX. THANKS!!:confused:

25th Apr 2007, 17:11
Hi Turbo. You have to use "Accurate Aim". I don't know the controls for the Xbox, but check the manual or the control configuration menu and you should be able to find it. Someone who knows the Xbox controls may also reply. Good luck.

27th Apr 2007, 02:13
Thank you very much I FINALLY got it!! I really appreciate it! :D

27th Apr 2007, 02:40
Glad to help QT. ;)