View Full Version : Sheepish

25th Apr 2007, 15:29
I was going to ask for help on a level in TR:Legend but after reading about how easy I feel like a right plonker.:whistle:

Guess I'll have to go back and do it the hard way.

Ps Can someone name all the TR games and the order? I think I've played 2 and 3 and just finished AOD but I can't remember the rest

25th Apr 2007, 16:20
Tomb Raider
Shadow of the Cat (PC Only)
Unfinished Business (PC Only)
Tomb Raider II
The Gold Mask (PC Only)
Tomb Raider III -Adventures of Lara Croft
The Lost Artifact (PC Only)
Tomb Raider IV: The Last Revelation
Tomb Raider Chronicles
Tomb Raider - The Angel of Darkness
Tomb Raider: Legend

Expansion (Gold) Levels are in Italics