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VLAD_The Impaler
24th Apr 2007, 22:18
Well, that's it! I have done everything known to man, to try and get Just Cause to work without crashing (at random) and I have to say that there is absolutely no way anybody should be required to this much work to get software to work. When you put your hard-earned money on the counter to pay for things like this, you EXPECT it to work as described! I am not talking about those who buy software "outside" their system's requirements an hope for the best, I am talking about people who meet and exceed the requirements and know full well that this program is going to work. Not only that, but "we" as software consumers EXPECT patches to be issued when software has compatibility, stability, or faulty code issues. We are held to standards as consumers when we purchase software by the EULA, are we so bad that we EXPECT the same from them? No, what happens is companies like Eidos make their set market goals, hoping having never to sink another penny into (said software) when it leaves for the store shelves. So what is our options when companies like EIDOS treat it's consumers like this? Can you take this software back to the store for a refund, and tell the clerk "well EIDOS violates the EULA by not giving me the product as described"? Can you send this software to EIDOS and EXPECT them to refund your money under the same circumstances? No, we can't....why? Because we are the consumers, last in the line of responsibility to companies like this because they know we have absolutely no recourse. Name another type of business where the company has zero responsibility for the product they sell....Real head scratcher huh? So, with that I would like to state that I will never purchase another EIDOS title. This kind of behavior speaks volumes about how they feel me, their consumer. Maybe, just maybe others feel the same and EIDOS will someday feel obligated to the people who keep them employed. Until then, they are not getting my money!

I am not trying to start a fight, these are just my opinions and I wanted to see if others felt the same. If you do, tell EIDOS about it or post your comments here, and lets hope they are interested in their forums.:

EIDOS INC. Customer Services
651 E. Brannan St. Suite 400
San, Francisco, CA 94107

24th Apr 2007, 23:47
I'm feeling you on this end. A patch is needed at least, and lack of support is also a big issues. Dropping Just Cause to go to Just Cause 2 doesn't seem responsible, BUT

...All the major issues were posted on this forum and could be seen in reviews, so it's really the consumers choice. In turn, this dictates your future choices of buying games from Eidos; whether to get Just Cause 2 or Crisis.

VLAD_The Impaler
25th Apr 2007, 04:06
...All the major issues were posted on this forum and could be seen in reviews, so it's really the consumers choice.

Well, true enough. However, when you buy a new (literally new, not used)car you expect the thing to run, drive and function like you would expect it to. If the the car starts "acting-up" you take it back to the dealer for service. The bottom line is you know that car is going to run and function...right? Well, software is supposed to be the same way (hence the system requirements on the side of the box). What you are not expecting is software that is completely unusable, with no outlet for support. "You bought it and it doesn't work, well that is to bad" is what should be written in the EULA. It really has become a "pay and pray" industry.

But to your point that reviews and forums are there to warn consumers of software issues, says that everyone but the company itself should be responsible for getting something that does not work! The company already knows that, just ask their Quality Assurance team, their Beta testers,...they will tell you. The rush for market goals and quotas is far greater than you and I my friend. Reviews and forums should really only be seen as the games entertainment values (good story, fun, atmosphere,...and the like) not to be the Quality Assurance team for the industry.

28th Apr 2007, 00:55
Ya I hear you. I have the same problem with Thief 1 & 2 , it plays then crashes I've tried every thing to get it to play and even posted in a chat room. Still can't play it so I've just given up on it. I suggested that the game be made for console and got some very negative responces. what's the problem with consoles ? at least the game won't crash all the time.:mad2:

29th Apr 2007, 16:06
I played Thief and Deus Ex for the console. Not too exciting because the lack of RAM can turn things into a crawl. Don't hate the PC, games are starting to turn back to the PC and soon consoles will fall behind. Vista is now as good/better as a 360, the new online feature allows people to play on either system and be connected. With better graphics and RAM on the PC, well you know which one I would choose.

3rd May 2007, 13:44
Eidos doesn't give a rat's ass about their customers anymore. This has been evident for a while now. Blood Money had bugs up the wazoo that nothing was ever done about.
Luckily you can still play their buggy-ass games without forking over your money, if you catch my drift. ;)

3rd May 2007, 19:02
i don't know why they invented this forum because i'm not sure whether people that have problems with this ever get answered.:mad2:

also just cause will crash after a while (3 months or more) and once i could only go about 200 meters before crashing through the floor????!!!!:confused:

5th May 2007, 19:07
wait a second...the reason eidos don't resolve these problems is because they did not produce this game,avalanche did, so to all the people argueing then i'm sure avalanche has more answers.:thumbsup:

6th May 2007, 01:34
wait a second...the reason eidos don't resolve these problems is because they did not produce this game,avalanche did, so to all the people argueing then i'm sure avalanche has more answers.:thumbsup:
Yup, but the Publisher (Eidos) funds Avalanche, and I do not think Avalanche is going to have their programmers create a patch for free, so unless someone can royally ride Eidos's rear into giving the go for a patch to fix issues, we will probably never see one :nut:

6th May 2007, 15:10
do you think they are even bothered about making a patch?:(

VLAD_The Impaler
6th Jun 2007, 20:45

People, people, people...tell everyone you know to stay away from this under cooked turd burger. Just Cause is a consumer trap and EIDOS knows it. They have no intentions on fixing this crap fest in a box so, the only way to kill it is to spread the word. I have a friend who sent out over 300,000 EIDOS (Just Cause) warnings from his client mailers, and I personally add warnings about them one EVERY, SINGLE forum I that I am a member of.

The math is simple: Buy Game + Game never works + company won't patch said game = You holding a box full of crap and never seeing your money again.:scratch:

7th Jun 2007, 15:48
So this is where we could get this swedish developer to make a patch.

http://www.avalanchestudios.se/ :scratch:

I get blue artifacts in the sky game works okay good speed with my Pny 6200 256MB pci graphics card. Is my card faulty or is it the game. I also get little white lines appear while loading deus ex 1 & 2 but does not appear while playing game, temp is about 60c in game and is card like that with AGP and the pci express x16 owners. Help.

7th Jun 2007, 18:25
I am not sure that a patch will be created as the game is quite old now.:(