View Full Version : USER INTERFACE Movement / Critic

26th Oct 2013, 08:27
Hello im Playing Games from 1984 as Passionate Gamer, i also Played a lot "3d" 3rd and First Person Games.

Here´s some smaller critics:

I really think you guys should make some smaller changes on the Camera (make it a little more Zoom-able)
in the 3d Person.
You see Flying with the Sentinel "Up" for example feels not natural enough.

In The Game itself the Player feels a little like a "Block" Dodging and Running with the Alchemist for Example.
This should feel a little more Smooth. It´s a little choppy from the Feeling.

Jumping and Running, dodging Rolling, is a important thing to me ! I need to Evade stuff, fire Back in the Right moment.

Basically i thing it´s a Good and Stable alpha Built you´ve also done a Good Job at the "Shooting Mechanics"
I like to Play and Test you game of course and i hope you are open for some Critics :) I just try to Help !:flowers:

Well, sorry for my Bad English and thanks for Listening.