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20th Apr 2007, 22:58
Does anyone know if Thief Deadly Shadows can be played with Windows Vista? I have played l and ll, but haven't been able to play lll, because I didn't have the apropriate computer/graphics. I am buying a new computer, but almost all of them come w/Windows Vista, and, does any of the new power laptops can play Thief lll?
Any recommendations about a computer? Desktop or laptop?
Thanks so so much!

21st Apr 2007, 01:30
I may not be the best person to ask, because I don't have Vista and am not planning to get it -- probably never will. From what I have read, Vista has a lot of problems, including: graphics drivers, sound drivers, and software incompatibility. Some old software just won't run. You may need to bypass the basic security systems. I have read that playing Thief, all versions, can be a challenge. There is more information on this at www.TTLG.com, Thief General forum.


Right now I am still running 2000 and considering XP for the first time. You see, I am kind of old fashioned. I like things that work.:) I like others to solve problems with Microsoft operating systems before I use them.

My recommendation is to get a computer that has XP Pro (not Home) service pack 2 on it. That is what I am planning to do when I build my next one sometime soon. There are issues with XP and Thief as well, but people have figured out how to deal with them. See the FAQ at TTLG.

If you can't find a ready made computer with XP Pro, I suggest finding a shop that will assemble one for you and install XP Pro on it. That is probably a better deal, because you get what you want. There are also web sites that sell components and assemble them for you for a small fee. We would be pleased to give advice on components if you state your budget and what components you want, e.g., do you need a monitor. There are web sites like Anandtech and Sharkyextreme that review components and make lists.

Another thing. No matter what, you should not give up on your ability to play T1 and T2. Make sure your setup will do that. That means, do not by any Nvidia card above 7950, etc. There are hundereds of great Fan Missions that form the basis for the Thief universe. T3 is but a drop in the bucket in comparison.

Let us know what you end up doing.

21st Apr 2007, 03:04
Hi Peter, and thanks so much for your advise! I was thinking exactly that. I like windows XP and I didn't want to buy Vista, so I won't and I will certainly get the xp pro. What about the xp media? Would it work? Some puters come w/it.

I can find a puter w/the graphics you recommend at ebay, but first I will explore the sites you sent me.

Other than that, what about the Alien laptops? or the Vodoo? I would buy a used one, since they cost an arm and a leg, lol, but I am so antsy to start TH lll that I will play again l and ll.

Thanks so much for your advise!


21st Apr 2007, 04:43
I wouldn't get a laptop unless you just have to have one. First, there are many compatibility problems with laptops and Thief. Simply put, laptops are not supported but some, by luck, will just happen to work. If you must have a laptop, then use the search function, if you can, to find someone with a laptop that works. Or start another thread with a new title, like "does anyone have a laptop that plays Thief?" and try to find one that plays all three games.

I have no experience with Windows XP Media Center. I imagine it will be OK since it is based on Pro but has some networking restrictions such as inability to join a domain.


I suppose it will work. Home is to be avoided because its networking and file sharing abilities are primitive (below that of Windows 98). Also, it it is a single user system with no file security, such as 2000 and XP pro have.

21st Apr 2007, 10:26
Thanks Peter, great idea. I don't have to have a laptop, so I'll go w/a desktop. Glo

23rd Apr 2007, 19:43
I am thinking of buying a new Computer in the near future. The one I have is getting old!.
From what I have read most of the new ones are built with Vista. I would go for a one that can be built to your own choosing,rather than off the shelf.
I do not think they are too good either/ from what I have read
I use XP and have a Radeon x800 SE.
Guess the only way I can keep playing Thief and Fm's. Is just to keep the older one for that purpose. Or keep the one I have going.
Does anyone know will Xp soon be Obsolete then?:confused:

23rd Apr 2007, 23:59
Thanks Peter, great idea. I don't have to have a laptop, so I'll go w/a desktop. Glo

I have played Thief on a laptop for years. But the cost of a gaming laptop is far more than its equivalent desktop. I just like the mobility of a laptop and I was willing to shell out the loot before some taffer taffed it....#%^$ taffers. :lol: