View Full Version : How i can kill the monster

Hilal the king
20th Apr 2007, 19:02
_ Iam in the level return on bolivia & i can't kill the monster because i don't understend what i must do for kill them please help me

dox online
21st Apr 2007, 15:43
_ Iam in the level return on bolivia & i can't kill the monster because i don't understend what i must do for kill them please help meKeep waveing exscalibur at it antill it dies

21st Apr 2007, 17:06
And try and get underneath it, that's a good place to go :thumbsup:

22nd Apr 2007, 17:41
My suggestion is try to roll more instead of run, and swing Excalibur as much as possible while back/sideflipping. Every time you see the monster go down, run over and press 'action' to thrust the sword into it. You must do this 3 times.

22nd Apr 2007, 21:20
Target it and keep hitting it with Excalibur. The pink flashes on the ground hint to where the next hit will land. Keep in the middle so it does'nt blow you off the edge.
After you've caused some damage, the monster will stop and collapse.
You have to:
Go up right up to it and press interact to stab it with Excalibur. This will hit it for a lot of damage
If you don't manage to do this in time it will get back up and regenerate it's health.
You can't kill it by:
Just hitting it with bursts form your sword and not stabbing it. It will just regenrate each time.
To kill it completly you have to:
Make it collapse and succesfully stab it 3 or 4 times in a row

25th Apr 2007, 01:19

**If you're low on health, follow the advice on saving and reloading in the note marked "IMPORTANT" above. It can make a big difference.

1.) Some of the broken statues (the ones with rectangular bases, not the pillars) can be used for cover, at least for a little while. If you find a "sweet" spot, stay there and blast away. However, you'll have to run out from cover when it's time to stab Amanda. You may be better off using the alternatives below.

2.) Set the Combat Mode to Advanced Toggle (under Combat in the Options menu). Since the monster is the only enemy, this will keep Lara locked onto it.

3) Stay right underneath the monster. Then Lara does heavy damage with each blast from Excalibur and she's right there when it's time to drive the sword in.

4.) Once you've gotten the monster down and it rises up again, stay fairly close to it and keep away from the pillars and rocks. Then repeatedly slash with Excalibur whilst doing side flips and backflips. If you keep up this barrage, the monster won't have enough time to blast Lara.

5.) Don't swing Excalibur too quickly. Its power can knock Lara to the ground, making the fight even more difficult than it already is.