View Full Version : Legit Thief Deadly Shadows file or Malware?

20th Apr 2007, 13:51
Hello there,

I've recently installed Thief Deadly Shadows and when i run the exe avast discovers some malware in my c:\documents and settings\account name\temp folder and the game crashes. I'm not entirely convinced that this is malware and just a temp file involved in running the game. I've tried turning off the on-access scanner of Avast briefly and loading the game. The game loads up perfectly so I alt-tab back to the desktop to turn it on again but the game does not support alt-tab and crashes once again. I've even used the advanced setting for the Avast on-access scanner to tell avast not to scan that particular temp folder but still with no joy. Can someone please tell me whether this a legit file for TDS or is anyone else having trouble with this. I'm running XP Pro. Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated because im at a loss.The file is called asbp2poa.sys



21st Apr 2007, 05:28
no need to post the same exact post in two nearby forums :)