View Full Version : MISC. Germany Playtest 24/10 Observations

25th Oct 2013, 13:29
Network/Connection issues
So the connections were pretty bad, I typically had to restart the search 4-5 times before I found a lobby. Very often it would start to authenticate then throw me in a lobby by myself and no on would join even after 5-10 minutes of waiting.

The ping in game had to be terrible, there was wild teleporting in most of the games. A few times it was ok, but mostly people were teleporting around. Perhaps some ingame stats for us like fps ping etc so we can give you better feedback on this stuff.

I will comment on this but with the network issues I faced its hard to test this properly. I'm also going to write a lot :naughty:.

Essentially I really like the way they play, reminds me of a game years ago called Savage. It was humans vs beasts and they had some elements that made the gameplay AMAZING. Which I will now share with you. I will mostly talk about vampires, my latency while playing human was bad enough that I really can't say much about them at this point.

So the humans had ranged weapons and melee, and could block and jump a little. Beasts had ranged and melee but could not block, instead they could jump. By jump I mean LEAP, you could do double jumps and move great distances very easily. The reason I mention this is because in this game the humans are also limited in movement but make up for it with ranged firepower. The vampires do have better movement but it needs something to make it be more fluid and have more depth.

Awesome class love the mechanics. Suffers from forward motion while attacking, also not mobile enough for his architype. I would really like to see a double jump, so you can leap and then take small hop. Such that your momentum carries a little. That way you can use slopes or other forms of acceleration(hopping from a roof)) to further propel yourself. This really makes the reaver scary as hell(mobile) but also it takes a lot more skill to maneuver into place near your opponent. As a trade i would remove the forward motion while attacking and allow it to be more free form. Slashing and moving forward at the same time cuts down on the number of "moves" I can make during combat. Makes me super predictable and easy to kill. If I understand this class, I would assume that humans were not meant to survive if I can get to them. Reaver jumps to far away from his prey after slashing them to death. If I manage to get the full duration on a target it should be possible to start finishing them with melee. It still takes 2-3 hits at this point so its still not a free kill but almost guaranteed.

I think the reaver initiation range is too good and the charge up time for the pounce is too long. I actually think initiation should be shorter and pounce should be instant. And give the reaver more mobility while on the ground, jumping left and right for an eventual short range pounce. I really loved the impact of the pounce though and I don't think that should change. Being able to single out your opponent with a nice pounce off a walkway is perfect.

Also very nice class like the idea. Suffers from iron skin. This ability is like basically saying ok guys don't bother to worry about me for the next 6 seconds everyone else is more important now. You can't attack and can't be hurt, this skill basically makes me not dangerous at all. Feel free to kill my friends, thanks. Tyrant should definitely be able to attack during iron skin. The stun is slow and interrupts his attack timing and flow of combat. By the time you finish animating your "bomb" everyone is back up and running making pretty with your face. Perhaps less dmg longer stun duration or something, but it doesn't make me feel cool to land this.

Charge is amazing, except your a walking free kill. Perhaps nerfed version of iron skin should be active while charging(20% less dmg) ? I like how he feels like a large slow moving bowling ball while doing this.

Way to strong! At least right now. I have three amazing abilities to totally own everyone. Grabbing someone while flying is pretty easy and basically a free kill. I have never had to drop someone after a grab, you fly so fast they never manage to do anything about it. I suspect humans will get better at defending against this but right now they really don't at all. The only issue is knowing "when" you can actually do a grab, I really haven't figured this out, also with lag on top of all that I often hit the magic button too late, need better queues.

Sentinal dive bomb into wing gust = team wipe, because humans like to stand in a corner as 4.

So once people learn how to counter Sentinal I see a few issues. Dive bomb is very hard to aim properly, maybe a targeter to help here would be good. Dive bomb also has a massive charge up time. Wing gust is very short range with a really wide cone. Perhaps a longer range with a shallow cone would be more appropriate here.

I know a lot of people have complained about the flying controls but I have to say they are spot on. You can't always look down and have to be vulnerable while you're not attacking and searching for kills. This is a fair trade. I do think being able to fly indoors is a bit overpowered. A building should provide protection from the sky for humans. And being outside should be a calculated suicide run vs a Sentinal.

Vampires in general.
The way the match usually plays out if both teams are equally skilled is this. The vampires get a lot of early kills as everyone adjusts to being mopped up by reavers. Then vampires start to lose the match.

I feel this is in large part because of my inexperience up to this point and I've neglected a few key abilities, for example the darkness on the reaver. However I just wanted to add that observation as it is I feel an important trend.

Lobby issues

The intermission lobby does not work period. I was never able to continue on in the same lobby after the game finished. Sometimes people would land in the lobby but it would never start a new game.

I think its supposed to try and fill up your game again and start the next match in 1 minute.

Absolutely fun to play and I look forward to your progress in the future. Its an alpha so lots of feature tweaking to go but its got some excellent elements and the core gameplay is there. I enjoyed it immensely thanks for bringing this genre back!