View Full Version : TDS running in slow motion

17th Apr 2007, 16:21
I am playing through TDS again. Having a problem I have never encountered before.
Nothing is running in the background. Having problems with GL given up on that just now.
Playing TDS without using GL.
The game is going like In slow motion a lot and very choppy. The A1's move slowly
Also the speeches sound like a record has stuck. Repeating the words. I have not had this problem before. Can not find a answer. I reinstalled it as well.
I use a Radeon x800 SE

17th Apr 2007, 21:44
uninstall the RADEON DRIVERS (Catalyst). Then reinstall them. Check with www.hoverdesk.net for a driver cleaner, or with www.omegadrivers.net for a driver cleaner.

Run it and then reinstall the drivers for your card.

17th Apr 2007, 22:08
Thanks for the answers. Never thought of that.
I will try it thank you.