View Full Version : Some assistance would be appreciated..

16th Apr 2007, 17:07
To anyone who can offer a helping hand...

I have just brought the just cause game yet when i start the game up it says i need to to download the latest drivers and direct x 9(which Iv installed)
can someone help as to where to get these drivers or what may be the problem,maybe i need a new graphics card?.
here are my system specs:

windows vista home premium edition

processor : Intel Pentium 4 CPU 3.00 GHz
ram : 1013
system type : 32 bit operating system

any help would be appreciated

Yan Jones

17th Apr 2007, 00:29
I can't tell what your graphic card is, but I know there is a lot of trouble with Vista. I haven't re-installed Just Cause, but try going to the update hardware menu on My Computer.