View Full Version : Characters not seen:S:S!!!

15th Apr 2007, 09:45
Hey! Everytime i play i cant see my character or the oppostion character like the cop etc...All i see is their guns so i aim and shoot blindly!! Can any1 tell me wat the problem is and how i can solve it!! Thanks!! Im goin nuts here:mad2: :mad2: :mad2: :mad2: :mad2: !!!

17th Apr 2007, 14:27
Invicibility cheat real popular these days :lol:

20th Aug 2007, 15:48
Invicibility cheat real popular these days :lol:

i agree! also he could have gone into files and deleted his own and every1s compazition (mass) lol eather way stop the cheat!

27th Jun 2008, 13:28
he isn't cheating i have the same problem, when i play (sigleplayer or multiplayer) i can't see my character and the enemies but when i die i see the character diying. And isnt only the characters, some walls and objects are invisible or difuminate.please help i pased this game a long time ago but now i cant play.

NOTE: i have all the recomended requeriments, and tryied with the drivers actualization but nothing.

sorry for my bad english im spanish xD

i hope your help holmes.