View Full Version : Tomb Raider: AOD continuation through Tomb Raider 8 (Legends 2)

13th Apr 2007, 09:07
I nevered ended Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness yet but all I know it is a cliff hanger just like Tomb Raider: Legends. Also Kurtis Trent from AOD story has not been finished so in they next Tomb Raider game they need to make him convenient to the Tomb Raider 8 storyline during Lara's quest to Avalon. That would be a great idea to somewhat explain what happened after Tomb Raider: AOD.

There is a official music video for Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkeness. During the gameplay, cutscene, or credits do they play this song anytime in the game cause that would be so cool if they did.


13th Apr 2007, 10:15
Personally I don't care what happend after AOD. That game was so bad that I just want to forget about it.

13th Apr 2007, 10:41
the game was pretty bad to say the series been out for years and it was on a new and powerful platform at the time it came out so it could have been alot better than what it was but even though the gameplay sucked horribly the storyline is considered to be 1 of the best of the series and TR: AOD story was pretty good

14th Apr 2007, 07:30
l would hardly call the ending of AOD a cliff hanger, the only mystery was where Kurtis vanished to. When l first played it l had no idea Karel was meant to have survived the explosion, it looked pretty complete to me.

Laura Croft
15th Apr 2007, 12:21
In my opinion AoD wasn't as terrible as some people say, but I'll agree it is the least best TR game. Lara's movement was too slow for me. I would be interested to know what happened to Kurtis, but I don't think they should include that in TR8. TR8 should just be a continuation of Legend.

16th Apr 2007, 05:23
Her movement was the only major thing that was horrible about the game. It's frustrating. It had an awesome story that had me looking forward to the conclusion. The idea was to have two more games to make a trilogy and have a movie close it all up. Sounded like a neat concept.

I would very much like if Crystal Dynamics were to remake AoD and continue the story. I know it won't happen, but it would be loverly.

17th Apr 2007, 00:14
well i really enjoyed AOD the story was really compelling (well it had to be to make me get through it all)
i wont pretend it wasnt flawed, the controls did steer like a cow, but nevertheless i got use to it and eventually it got much easier to play. i actually really liked the mood and style of the game, its just a shame it wasnt easy to pick and just enjoy, i felt i had to work at it to really enjoy it.
but i did and i would play it again.
and i was dissapointed to find that they were going to make legend and pretend AOD never happened. i really wanted to know how lara was not dead and what happend with kurtis and it was suppose to be 3 part story wasnt it? so i wonder where it would have gone.

to be honest i enjoyed legend for the opposite reasons. legend was fantastic to just get straight into, but i didnt find the story as compelling altho i did enjoy it somewhat, but the game was mostly driven to me by how much fun it was. however i suddenly realised i had completed it and was like what??? i only bought it 2 days ago and hadnt played it that much

21st Apr 2007, 19:00
I absolutely agree in your interpretations of the game. The gameplay and the choices that Core made for it was ridiculous (probably due to time limits) like the "I feel stronger" and the low population of Paris and Prag. However, I really liked the style and atmosphere. In addition, the storyline was by far the most intriguing of the whole series and I would desperately (yes, that much) like to see the story completed. I feel that the whole Nephilim thing is perfectly suited to an adventurer like Lara Croft. So here is to the completion of Angel of darkness.

ps: have you noticed that on tombraider.com the first tune that greets you is the theme from AOD?

rabid metro
23rd Apr 2007, 03:54
as long as we're playing make believe ... :)
i'd like CD to continue the Legend series with little or no reference to AoD, because ...
Legend is, after all, a new beginning and should be untethered by past mistakes ...
having said that, i think CD should show their chutzpah and sequentially re-imagine all the Core games, in due time.

CD should invest tons of intellectual property into the Legend, and future, series, which will be their legacy, so to speak ...
but they could also re-imagine the Core games during the down times!
if they re-imagined AoD, they would naturally use "Legend controls" and also leave out ability level-ups, etc. :cool:
however, the essential AoD story was compelling and they could embellish it into a trilogy as part of their alternate-fantasy-re-imagined-Core-games series ...

ohh, and i want royalties on this idea, as i'm getting it copyrighted even as you read this! ...

They say that you shouldn't leave Yendor with a fake amulet!
They say that in the Dungeons of Doom, losing Magicbane could eventually get you cursed! :rolleyes:

11th May 2007, 13:47
AOD is not that bad~~

11th May 2007, 14:15
It's funny but let's for the sake of argument pretend that AOD was not in fact a Tomb Raider game at all but a new game similar to Tomb Raider. I can't help feeling that if this was the case, TR fans would have lapped it up big time :D

But it was A TR game and as such it was quite a shock to the system and initially it didn't feel at all like the TR games we had come to know and love.

I did enjoy the game (well I too have yet to complete it so...), and I agree that Lara's movements were too sluggish and not nearly concise enough. Get her on a staircase and she'll just pivot left and right instead of going where she is supposed to be going :rolleyes:

Aside from the movements and the ability to choose the odd line of dialogue, I don't know quite what it was that seperated it from the other games before it. Obviously the graphics were 'improved' but maybe it was that god-awful denim ensemble that ruined the look of it. She looked completely impractically dressed...running around in tight jeans and a denim top that would have been very restricting...I almost felt claustrophobic in that get-up! ****

11th May 2007, 15:39
Funny, I've always said I probably would have enjoyed Legend had it not had "Tomb Raider" on it! :D

11th May 2007, 16:09
I rest my case...lol :p

16th May 2007, 16:24
AOD is dead and gone!! THANK GOD!!
Everything since AOD is considered to have never happend because it was so bad!!
And the AOD story wont be continued...it`s better that way!!!

16th May 2007, 20:23
Funny, I've always said I probably would have enjoyed Legend had it not had "Tomb Raider" on it! :D

Amen to that!
IMO there is so much more TRness in TR6 than in legend.
I live in hope that one day we'll get some kind of a TR6 resolution, and the whole 'Buried alive' arc too.

16th May 2007, 21:31
AOD is dead and gone!! THANK GOD!!
Everything since AOD is considered to have never happend because it was so bad!!
And the AOD story wont be continued...it`s better that way!!!

yeah, it seems like nobody cared for the DVD AOD game either. I guess it's burned-out...
IMO, AOD wasn't a TR, it was a weird adventure game. both TRL and AOD didn't look and feel exactly like TR4, but IMO TRL was loyal in many ways to the classic games, while AOD...the only thing that got it related to the rest of the series is Lara herself.

AOD's plot had some potential, but it wasn't a master-piece. you guys should give CD a chance, I'm sure they can come up with something better ;)
I hope I'm not offending anyone here...:confused:)

17th May 2007, 16:56
I thoght that AOD would be good but i thought wrong.:lol:

17th May 2007, 16:59
It wasn`t bad but it wasn`t good!:rasp:
2 meany bugs and no twin pistols among a lot other things!!

17th May 2007, 22:03
I don't really mind whether they do a continuation of AOD, or not.
But I don't want them to mix any of AOD into Legend II. IMO Legend has a good story line. The only flaws for me was that it was too short and quite easy. Legend II can easy fixed of that problem, and continue with the amazing graphics and intresting storyline they have.

Put Kurtis Trent in Avalon...? BOOM! Complaints, complaints, complaints.

Tomb Raider is back on it's feet after AOD. Why ruin it again?

18th May 2007, 22:43
No way:
1. I want AOD continuation only by Core.

do you realize that Core doesn't exist anymore?

19th May 2007, 08:48
For now, but we will never know what can happen...

...I don't think that Eidos will re-buy the team, but you never know...

19th May 2007, 08:53
why should they?CD is great!!They helped Lara back on her feet and for that they got my respect:thumbsup:!!
Did you see the Tomb Raider Anniversary Edition trailer by Core?They wanted to make it but they got fired and the project was cancelled thank GOD!!