View Full Version : MISC. Glitches and stuff

24th Oct 2013, 19:11
Non-english letters display as squares in both the lobby and in-game, including whispers through steam chat.
Lobbyscreen has a big black bar on the bottom of the screen on 4:3 monitors (1280x1024). Might not be considered an issue seeing as 4:3 monitors aren't used by many nowadays.
Sometimes after a game the lobby glitch out which made me unable to search for games unless I restarted the game.

It would seem that getting stuck usually occurs whenever you lose control of your character near a wall. A sentinel grabbed me and tried to throw me in the water, which caused him to drop me on a bridge and I then got stuck. I also got stuck twice while feeding near a wall, although it would seem that sentinels can simply fly away. As I mentioned in another thread, reavers may also get stuck when pouncing a human through a doorway.

I found a roof that isn't solid in the harbor map (Freeport?). The locations name according to the minimap is 'Dredges' or something like that. It's one of the houses with wood roofs placed in sort of a circle formation next to the ruins. It's possible to both drop down and climb up through the house. This explanation might not be very detailed but it shouldn't be too hard to find. The weird thing is I'm pretty sure I've been on that house in the prior tests and never fallen down.

This game really makes me want to play some LoK games. I'll edit the post if I remember anything else later.