View Full Version : (PC) Fix save option please - and few other issues

12th Apr 2007, 14:58

I bought JC over Steam and well wouldn't be bad but save option is totally screwed up.

1) you can't save when you have mission in progress.
2) when you complete mission you can go back to satellite antenna in safe house and save, but..
your collections, reputation etc. are not saved
those are only recored when you are given option to save 'after' mission.

Very annoying stuff as it makes it pretty pointless to do anything else then following main plot.

From other annoying things I found annoying:

- helicopters are by far too common and too laud, you can hear one all the time

- there are too many battles of rebellion forces with police/army in already liberated areas. Again those helicopters are blowing missiles all over the roads all the time

- sound playback is kinda buggy. Pretty much all the time I can hear "stop citizen" or other crap like that even if there is no police around and I'm not a fugitive.

Anyway looking forward for a patch.