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24th Oct 2013, 15:21
Hi there fellow players:

For some people it might be obvious, but i had my difficulties playing the game for the first time because i didn't know how^^
I think that it might be necessary to have some kinde off... introduction to the different classes, what you can do with them, what their strenghts are, how you can use their abilitys and in general how you play them.

Like: allmost every game someone asks "how can i fly with the Sentinel?".
---> you jump off a cliff and press jump again while in the air.
(well, infact you "doublejump" from a cliff)

I would appreciate if all members could contribute to this thread with their knowledge.
My Idea is, at some point to sum up the posts and make a guid for every class.

Happy writing everyone, gl and hf during your games today ;)

24th Oct 2013, 15:45
Hi person who seems slightly as much confused as I am about wings and flying. I broke my neck two times trying to fly.


This helps ;)

24th Oct 2013, 22:14
thx for help man^^

As i said, didn't know such a thread allready exsisted.
Guess that been said you could also close this thread^^