View Full Version : TDS In play moves?

10th Apr 2007, 22:54
After playing so many T2 missions I thought I would play some TDS Missions.
I can not get GL to work correctly,so have started playing TDS again on a higher level.. I keep playing on.
I have not been able to play TX2 yet either :eek: . Another I would like to try.

This is Ludicrous. I have played many times TDS I have forgotten some of the simple moves.. I Have almost finished the Castle.
I can not remember can you throw things?. I tried to throw a box and accidentally killed a rat. It just drops!. First that I realised you could! :eek: .
I Guess I have played too many T2 fm's.You can throw a box quite far in T2 and the missions. Can not find or remember if there is a move to throw.
Also I can not find how much loot I have in %?. The list is on screen,but have not been able to find If I have it all. Just says a total. I am mixing T2 up with the "Stats"
There must be a default button I can not find. So daft after many plays. :rolleyes:

11th Apr 2007, 00:02
Gillie my dear, look at the main menu. There is a list for the control keys there. Also you never see the percentage on loot. You just see the totals. When you have the minimum needed, then the objective will check off.

If, for example you have to get 3000, and 200 in gems, then you will see that in the Objectives. So if the screen total is less than that you need to keep going until you get the needed totals and it will check off in the objectives.

11th Apr 2007, 01:55
Okay yes Thank you. I knew it. I am loosing It. :o :nut:
I was using Lmouse instead of the wheel That is why I could not see all the objectives...
I forgot. I had remembered what else I needed to do :eek:
Oh dear. I have been playing to many T2 fm's lately.
Hopefully will get my GL to work too. The throwing I realised you can not do the same either as in T2.
I have not played this for while. I might get as far as that Cradle!.